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My trade dogs came today

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  • My trade dogs came today

    and what a mess the Shih was. I thought to myself, why am I trading services with this lady if she can't even keep her dogs brushed up? I wasn't a very happy camper. I called her and ended up leaving a message on her phone that I needed to talk to her. The Shih was the one that was really matted, growing out his coat. I started to demat the poor guy, and he was really very good about it. I had gotten his legs and back just about done when she finally called me back and told me to do what ever I needed to. She didn't want me to do any more work on them that wasn't necessary. So I shaved his back down with a #5 and his legs with a #3. He really looked cute. Hopefully I can convince her to keep him short or at least shorter than he was. The other two weren't as bad, thank goodness. Her Airdale pup still gives me trouble but I just keep telling myself she is a puppy and one day she'll be good (please).
    Monday I go to her house to get my beauty treatment and my hubby will get his hair cut and I'll be so glad I did those dogs today.
    "There is no psychiatrist in the world like a puppy licking your face."