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  • Bathmaster

    Is anyone using or know of someone who is using the Bathmaster Bathing system?

    Pro and Cons Please!

    Thank You!

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    I have the bathmast and using it too. But I dont like it at all. I have to dilute my shampoo, when the bathmaster is to do it for u. I wouldnt buy it if i was u. or u can buy it off of me if u want it. They say if u use bark 2 basic it works. But I havent use that shampoo. I would think again about buying the bathmaster. Tropiclean sells one like the bathmaster thats the one am looking into. good luck


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      I got mine last week and I LOVE IT...I LOVE IT...I LOVE IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Draws better than the Hydro-surge. I LOVE IT! I wanted to bathe every dog in sight!


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        fozrbear what shampoo do u use with it?? where did u get it. do u have the 4 or 3 one??


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          I won the bathmaster on one of the contest last year here. I do like the unit BUT it did need some tweaking. I had to put in the largest nozzles to inject the shampoo into the unit. I use to use Kelco Plum White and its TOO thick for the machine. I wound up mixing the whole concentrated (1) gallon in a 5 gl bucket and thinned it out (like you do paint) then put that mixture, which made up about 2 gallons now back onto the unit and now it works. I did change to bark2basics shampoo for several reasons. I love the smell and they way the hi-con works as well as the silky pet. You buy 3 and get one free and shipping is free on over 8 gls. It wound up costly me a little less than the kelco brands which never really seemed to get them clean with the systems as it did hand washing them. Those shampoos went on the machine without any tweaking. Every once in a while the machine will only spit water till it "catches" its breath after you have used the rinse cycle. It doesn't have nearly the water pressure my recirculating hyrosurge does. Overall its OK but I still love my recirculating hydrosurge better. It really blasts stuff off the dogs. I must say that I am glad I didn't plop down the 500 bucks for it.


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            I guess I've been lucky. I have the two product unit. My all purpose shampoo is BioGroom Econo-groom which is a 16 to 1 dilution I think. I have the "other" hose hooked to Best Shot Ultra Plenish conditioner. I've still got to do some tweaking because it's drawing more shampoo than I need. They supply you with a variety of "tips" to control shampoo/water ratio. And water pressure isn't that great although the unit says it needs 25 psi to operate properly. I had a HydroSurge for years and the suction on this unit is much better.

            One thing I like about the unit (vs the HydroSurge), is that it's easy to just drop the suction line from one shampoo bottle to the next. I also use Natural Groomer shampoos and have had no problem just moving the feed line from one bottle to the next.

            I got mine from Midwest Grooming Supply. It's the best $350.00 I've ever spent. I bathed 12 dogs today in just over an hour. They were clean. I was a happy, happy camper!

            One downside... I'm not too impressed with the hose. It's just your garden variety hose but I guess you could change it out with just about anything. The fittings are standard size.


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              do any of you guys use the bark 2 basic shampoo?? If so what do u think of it. I am thinking about changing to see if the bath master would work better with that, I am using a shampoo thats 16/1. but it just pulls out water.


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                I can't understand why you guys are having such trouble. Mine is pulling more shampoo than I could ever desire. I wonder what the difference is? 16 to 1 ratio isn't that unique. Maybe it's a water pressure issue? Maybe my pressure is better than I thought...and I thought it was pretty sucky!

                If you can get it worked out, it's definitely a major time saver!


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                  I have been fighting the bathmaster for 4 months now. I either have to dilute the shampoos ( it's suppose to do that for you), or I have had to remove the tips completely to get it to draw. I don't have great water presure though. I would love any suggestions on shampoo that works with it, or how to make it work without dilution. I am using tropiclean now. Had anyone tried the Bark Basics with it?


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                    yoU cant use the tropclean shampoo with the bathmaster. the shampoo is too thick for it. I had to order bark 2 basic for the bathmaster. I have been having the same troblem. I will tell u how the bark 2 basic works out