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Thank god the week is over!!

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  • Thank god the week is over!!

    Well I survived the week of covering for my friend at her shop! Im telling you I was hanging on by a thread today!
    When I got there this morning, I knew two of the appoinments were mine (clients that follow me any where), one a doll of a yorkie mix and a terrier mix that I happen to be the only person brave or stupid enough to groom(not a nice fellow at all but he has had a abusive past before his new owners rescued him so I forgive him everytime he tries to take my hand off)
    The rest were Lisa's weekly baths (5 of them) and and 2 grooms that were regulars at her shop and 2 new dogs.
    Well Im pulling the cards and notice that one of the baths is a 6 month old Newfie puppy that she only charges $15 for (I know we arent suppost to post prices but ekkkks)!!!!!! I almost fell over of a heart attack. Thankfull he comes in every week so he wasnt bad.
    Then there were the two new dogs that the owners wanted left longer but not to long because they love to stay outside blah blah blah...
    Thankfully the day ended and now Im going to sit on the couch with a glass of wine and take turns watching the miniature mare thats due to foal any hour now...

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    I am stealing your's great. Enjoy your wine and the new addition.


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      How exciting to watch. Enjoy.
      If your dog is fat, you are not getting enough exercise!


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        You made it---and you didn't kill the in-laws, you got the point across to a customer about how grooming works (Can't get the filet mignon for the price of chicken), and you made some money to boot.

        Glad you came out of it in one piece.

        Tammy in Utah
        Groomers Helper Affiliate


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          congrats for doing such a good job! and congrats on the foal! hope all goes well!


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            Glad to hear you made it, congrats. Sit back and enjoy rest of the weekend, and little foal that is to be born. We watch my daughters mare have a foal, at least that was the plan, we ran off to go the bathroom and when we came back, you guessed it she had given birth. A little paint filly.
            "There is no psychiatrist in the world like a puppy licking your face."


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     made it!!!!

              Relax and enjoy what's left of the weekend!


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                YAY! You survived the week!


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                  (this keeps throwing me off! There are like three Tammy's on the board now, lol!)

                  I'm glad you finally made it through this week! What a mess! Will you do it if she asks you to again, lol?
                  Scratch a dog and you'll find a permanent job. ~Franklin P. Jones