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  • Cage Card System

    I want a better system for this since I am getting busier and would like to hire another groomer in the spring/summer. What do some of you use that you recommend? Doesnt Barkleigh sell some w/ more detail?

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    kennel connection

    we use kennel connection software - it gives you the list of grooming dogs for the day & prints out a kennel card for each dog for the day - it has the obvious on it (dog's name/owner/phone number/breed etc), and also any warnings, the notes from the last groom, and the dates of every groom.

    if you need previous notes or more info you open it in the computer. it prints on a regular sheet of paper .... half has all of this info, the other half has just the dogs name/breed on it.

    when the groom is done, we rip it in half & put the name/breed side on the kennel, and leave the other half with the receptionist until the dog is picked up. it's easier for the receptionist to see which dogs are finished when she comes to get them for pick up.


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      Yes, Barkleigh has nice cards. I use the small card-and have for years. The larger cards do have more detail including a basic dog outline to mark warts, bumps, etc. I don't know where you find the large cage card holders, tho.
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