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Customer wants Bishcon Shitzu left long!!

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  • Customer wants Bishcon Shitzu left long!!

    I have a customer with a little Bischon ShiTzu - Roxy - she is a year old and was rescued by my customer - she's had her for 8 mos. Well, she had NEVER been groomed when she first came to me at about 4 mos. I had to shave her down on the first groom because she was extremely matted. They put her on maintenance - she comes every 5 weeks... As her coat grew back, the owner decided she didn't want her clipped AT ALL. Well, her coat is really fluffy, cotton candy and matts if you look at it. I've been trying to keep her in a clip that the customer likes and that takes me less than 2 hrs!! Last time, I did a kinda of modified teddy bear.. 0 snap on down her back in into her legs and sides just to get the bulk out.. the customers seems ok with this but it still takes me at least 1.5 hrs. I end up hand scissoring her legs, chest and blending in the sides with thinners..

    Do you guys have any suggestions on what else to do with this little girl, to cut down time, and make her appear longer.. The customer says that because she is so "scrawny" she wants the coat to make her appear fuller!

    It started out she just wanted her bathed and thats it as she grew, but I had to explain to her... she needs some clipping.. her coat is so fluffy, the longer it grows - it just fluffs straight up from her back and is always so full of little pin matts... I just felt bad tugging at her all the time (frustrating too!)

    ????? Any suggestions
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    First I would explain to the customer that the dog required DAILY brushing. Then I would tell them that it is going to cost them more for the groom due to all the scissoring. That may be enough to get them to let you clip her down. Other than that, I can't really help you.
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      I wish I had some good advice for you. What is wrong with the amount of time it takes? Are you not being paid enough? That is when it stinks! They want the same price as the original shave down, lol.

      If it takes 2 hours, charge for 2 hours time, not just a "small breed price." What is your pricing system?

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        You did a great job on the groom - adorable. You need to explain to them that since the dog is a mixed breed it was hard to know just what the adult coat would be like. At this point you see a coat that needs daily combing and either a shorter cut or a longer and more expensive cut.


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          I would offer to demonstrate how to line brush and then comb out the dog daily. I'd also suggest having her come in every 3 or 4 weeks to help maintain the coat better.


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            5 weeks too long to go!

            This length of this type of coat cannot go 5 weeks. REQUIRE every 3 weeks grooming, or better yet, rotate bath and brush with grooming every two weeks. I do give a price break to my clients who come in every two weeks. It will make your job ALOT easier, and will be more pleasant for the dog.


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              Gently explain that long coats require daily brushing. That's her responsibility. If she keeps the coat mat free you can give her whatever she wants, so long as it's within the realm of what's possible with the type of coat she has. If she can't keep it mat free, it should be kept shorter.

              Also explain that longer coat requires more time for you to groom the dog, and more time means a higher grooming fee. You won't mind doing a two hour groom if you're getting paid for it.


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                I agree - bump her up to every 2-3 wks. I have several clients in full or longer coat and they come every 2 wks and are a lot easier to maintain, and WAY less for me and mom!


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                  I do a wheaten X, hair similiar to this dog. The owner does not brush him out, ever. He knows he should but wont, instead I groom the dog every week.
                  Like the others have said charge more or groom him more frequently.


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                    Thanks for the input!

                    Thanks for the input guys!! I will talk to the owner about regular brushing and coming in more often. Spikey, my pricing is $$/hour - so I have bumped up their price - the last time they paid as much as grooming a big Golden...So, I am being compensated - but, I don't think they get it.. they don't think it will be "that much $" every time - I will just have to communicate with them more clearly.

                    Thanks again!


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                      I think you did a nice job, the cut is adorable. It's plenty long for me but it's not my dog. It's hard for me to tell in the pic but is the coat tan and dark brown or is that black?

                      Yeah, like everyone else said, with regular brushing and combing you have a lot more options and that's simple enough to explain. Regardless of who does the brushing and combing it's a necessity for the longer coat option. Good luck but again, she looks perfect to me!