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  • Long day...

    My boss checked in a cocker. She told the owner that the legs were too matted, and that we would have to take them short. I followed the instructions on the card, which were to do a cocker cut, but the legs done with a five.
    I get home, and get a call from work. The receptionist said that the lady was there and wasn't happy. I asked what was wrong, but I think the receptionist misunderstood and handed the phone to the lady (mind you I am not the owner of the shop,and if someone calls for someone else while I am on duty I tell them that that person is unavailable, and tell them they would have to call back, NOT call them at home, lol. Emergency situations are one thing, but this was not an emergency! This is something that could have been handled in the morning.)
    Anyway, I asked her what the problem was, and she said that the dog was WAY too short, that she got what she got in the summer. I preceeded to tell her that I did not check her in, I just did what was written on the card, but regardless she was WAYY too thick and matted to leave her any longer. I went through the whole speal, and the lady says, yeah, but you cut her too short....
    Ok, breathe, lol. I did a mental sigh, and ran through the whole thing again to which she says, yeah, but she's too short!
    At this point I said, ok, I'm at home now, but when I get in in the morning I will talk to the owner, and have her give you a call...

    Don't you just love it when it goes in one ear and out the other?!
    Scratch a dog and you'll find a permanent job. ~Franklin P. Jones

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    Poor girl. Take a hot bath, and deal with it later. Too bad, if the lady wanted a matted mess, why'd she come to get it groomed?

    We had this lady come in with this DARLING cocker, his furnishings were about 2 inches long, and CURLY, big curls, not waves, CURLS, and was soooo cute. And soooo matted UNDERNEATH where she couldn't see it. She refused to have it shaved off, (this was at the first shop I worked at), and so they B&B'd it. She came back within a week to have it shaved off, and she had to pay all over again.

    If it were MY shop, I would have told her sorry, all groom or no groom, not half groom.

    Tammy in Utah
    Groomers Helper Affiliate


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      Feels like invasion of the client body snatchers or something?


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        Uggggh Lauren and you handled it so graciously! Hopefully it got worked out today - some people there's just no talking to. Kind of like selective hearing - they only hear what they want to hear. You did the right thing, so don't sweat it. Treat yourself to something extra special for your trouble and btw your receptionist owes you one imo.


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          Sometimes the best way to deal with these people is to agree with them, and ask them what they want you to do about it. "Yes ma'am. I clipped it short, as per the instructions I was given and because of the matting. What would you like me to do about it now?"

          Put the ball in their court, and let them play it.


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            Some people just like to complain. You did a great job in keeping your cool. And I agree with who ever said that the recep owes you one!
            "There is no psychiatrist in the world like a puppy licking your face."


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              Thanks guys!

              I do generally try to handle it well, I really hate drama, especially at work, lol. I just had to take a deep breath, a couple actually, haha.

              (Tammy, it's snowing here, so boy does a nice hot bath sound great! )
              Scratch a dog and you'll find a permanent job. ~Franklin P. Jones