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What to do with these boring white walls...

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  • What to do with these boring white walls...

    Ok so my shop has been open over 5 mos now. In the beginning I concentrated on the lobby, etc more as far as decorating. The groom room is nice & clean but has ALL white walls. I hung some framed posters of cute dogs in there but I have 2 blank walls and I am looking for some ideas. I have REALLY high ceilings so painting them would be really hard for me since I am 4'11 lol. I did think of putting up a border and painting the bottom 1/3 of the wall, or drawing some sort of mural on there. My son has mild autism and is an excellent artist - I even thought of having him pencil in some cartoon dogs and me painting them. I dont know.......I just need to do something with these white walls! Hard to see the Bichons I groom LOL. Come on - gimme some creative ideas!

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    Is cost an issue?!

    How about some awesome plasma screens...? Just kidding!

    Why don't you engage your customers? Make it a fun contest like "Help us Decorate the Shop"? Maybe one of them is a decorator who will trade their services for some grooming.

    Is there a community college of maybe a high school nearby with an art department? They could paint a doggie mural. You could get some free press from that (great photo op). You could probably pay them in pizza!

    I guess the only problem with having your son draw on the wall and then you paint it is - do you have the time to do this?! Otherwise, giving him an outlet for his creativity is a great option! Why can't he try painting them, too?

    The quickest fix is to choose a new and exciting color, buy a few gallons of paint, slap on a smock and grab a roller. If a plain white wall is the problem, then try a new color. This should be very affordable.

    Lastly, why not start covering those walls with photos of your satisfied customers? A digital camera can be purchased for under $100 and I love using the digital printer they have at the local grocery store for 20 cents a print. Stick the prints in a Dollar Store frame and you will probably fill up the walls very quickly. Another great photo op of you standing in front of a wall of pictures of satisfied customers!


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      I love the mural idea! Plain white walls would be too much after awhile. I hate painting too, but I LOVE shopping for paint! So many colours I'd love to try,lol.


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        I like the idea of allowing your son to put his art on the walls. Good for him, good for you and much cheaper than buying art, wallpaper or paying someone. You could also sponge or stencil different size and colors of paw prints and work them around what your son does. Take pictures as it comes along and post them for us to see.
        SheilaB from SC


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          I painted my main wall beige and then "bagged" a baby blue over it, I had customers asking me to paint their houses! The baby blue is really easy on the eyes and brings the outside in(like a beautiful blue sky) . It is cheerful and hides dirt. It also makes grooming white dogs easier!


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            I have off white walls in my shop so I put up a doggie border and stick on dog foot prints that run all around the whole shop walls.
            In the corner I have taken the dog's picture and cut the dog out and taped it to a two corner walls, then when the dog dies I take the picture and make a card for the customer.
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              pics are cute plexi.........

              those pawprints on your walls are too cute! I'd like to know where you got them so I can pick some up? Funny you guys are talking about this because I am repainting my shop this weekend. it has been white inside for several years and I cant take it anymore. I am also changing the floor and replacing the tub. joy joy. cant wait to get it finished.


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                I bought the paw prints at Menards, they were in a Walt Disney theme wall stickers for a kids room. A friend of mine did hers with stenciles & paint.
                They parade around the whole room and once in a while on the bigger wall they come down and make a circle then go back up to the top. Looks like the dog had too much to drink.


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                  purchased my paint from Lowes...I used Champagne Ice, which is like a pale coral. I used Tuscan Accents on the lower 3rd of the wall...hides everything..looks like wallpaper. Its a 3 step process, but so easy to do.(also from Lowes) I also purchased a border with a spa theme..bath salts and lil purfume bottles..has an ole timey tub on it..and its in brown, blue peach and black. its really nice in there...and easy to see against!


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                    plexi - love the photo's!