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  • Does this happen...response

    While reading their sad oay dogs or once in a lifetime groom, many memories of very matted dogs came to mind. One lady with a -of course Cocker had ears literaly dripping blood coming out of them! I urged her to go to vet immediately, claimed she could take care of it herself! Sure, she has a pharmacuiticle (spell) company with antibiotics on hand? That dog was one of the worst. I should have reported her. Then , when I drove away with her assistsnce, I ripped my ceiling fan up on a low hanging tree branch. Cost to have replaced. Thankless job, and loss of money. The worst for fleas etc was an elderly ladies dog that lived in the garage. Another cocker. Slippery pee all over newspapers. Fleas and eggs crawling so thick it looked like someone poured piles of pepper on it's head. Other animals in house. I think I poured flea shampoo or killer all over dog first, but it made drying and cutting harder.It was hard to know what to do first. Shave or kill . The dog went directly to vet, me along with daughter. later found out it had ringworm....I did not get it, but could have. I imagine dog went bye bye after that, but never found out. Never able to hear back from anyone. Many more. I n those Calif. days I did and saw everything. I will not groom a dog with the M word. Been there, done that. No more.In Az, you know it gets up to 118 degrees in June/July. I never expected dogs to live outside in the HEAT and be as matted as the dog in the pic. Lawnsby . Is that the name? Looks like yu need a lawn mower to get thru his coat. But in cooler climates it's bad but in Az heat, how can they survive?If we could, owners should be tied up outside for as many months with no bath, no hair cuts, no comforts. How would they like it? NO A/C. food w/ flies on it and yucky water in slimy bowl.But the law says, that would be unusual crulety and punishment.For dogs it's ok?