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GRRRRRRR!!! Im going to need a drink by the end of this week!!

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  • GRRRRRRR!!! Im going to need a drink by the end of this week!!

    Oh lord the week Ive had!
    Monday the contractors were working on the interior of my new shop (YEAH!!)
    I had found a steal on a glass display counter and had it delivered monday morning and put in the corner away from where the workers were putting up walls and stuff. Around noon my contractor calls and says there has been a small accident but not to worry he would fix it. What kinda accident? Well it seems that some of his guys were horsing around and a electric saw went through the top of my display case. ARGGGHHH But he promises he will get it fixed.
    A good friend of mine has a shop about 45 minutes away from mine and has been letting me groom my really good clients at her shop so when she asked me if I would work at her shop for this week so she and her husband could go out of town for her vacation I said sure no problem! I dont mind helping out, but you know if Im by myself I can only do 10 dogs aday. No problem she says I'll have my father in law( her business partner, but knows nothing about grooming) there to help answer phones and make appoinments. Cool right? WRONG!!
    Yesterday there were only 3 dogs on the book and it was raining so hard you could hardly see, so I finish up those three dogs and start to leave about 10:30 when her F-i-L looks at me and says arent you staying in case anyone else calls? Uhh no... Well you want me to call you back in if anyone else calls? Uhh no...
    So today Im grooming away when (had 10 booked) when suddenly her F-i-L pops back and says I took this extra bath! More money! Huh?? Im at my limit as it is... Next thing I know Im bathing a cute little jack russell, Ok no biggie,
    Then around 11:00 the Mother-in-Law shows up with their other son's daughter (around 12 yrs old) and she spends most of the day playing with my friends (who owns the shop) schnauzer puppies that she had left at the shop for her in laws to take care of. Around lunch time the in laws decide to go get lunch and the kid doesnt want to go so she just spends the rest of the afternoon following me around, asking me enough questions to make me have a mental breakdown(Im not a kid person! Thats why Im a dog groomer!)
    Oh yeah and the in laws havent taken the schauzer puppies outside so guess who gets to clean up after them!! Sometime during all this the laundry service delivers the towels for the week and guess who got to schmuck all those towels to the back with the in laws just sitting there are the receptionist desk
    Then right as I am finishing up one of them pops their head back and asks: You have 14 on the book for tomorrow (at that my head starts spinning and the split pea soup is threatening to spew outa my mouth) Do you want to take just one more for this really good client of ours??
    Uh no... I have to meet with my contractor tomorrow afternoon, please dont book anymore.
    ARGGhhhhh I need a drink!
    Thanks for letting me vent!

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    Oh wow.... You don't need them around... You do need a drink, maybe 2. Good luck.


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      how crazy! sorry you had to go through with all that and there is still more to come!!!! (jk)

      forgot to add,
      i just hope everything gets better
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        Don't tell them you "NO," when they ask you if you'd "like" to take anymore dogs in for tomorrow (or any day). Tell them the way it is---"I can PHYSICALLY only do SO MANY dogs, in this case 10, I am not able to groom more without injuring myself or the dogs (or you!!!j)"

        What they don't understand is that you have a physical limit to what you can do. So what if you do 10 dogs by 3 pm---NO you don't have to work another 2 hours, you're already EXHAUSTED. If they book you more dogs, tell them to bathe them for you first, and that if they're not done right, they'll have to bathe them again, lol.

        Sorry you're having a bad week. Sounds like you need new contractors by the way. Idiots.

        Tammy in Utah
        Groomers Helper Affiliate


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          Forget the one drink, sounds like the whole bottle would be more like it. Hope you make it thru tomorrow.


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            Non-groomers just don't understand do they?!

            Good luck tomorrow!
            Scratch a dog and you'll find a permanent job. ~Franklin P. Jones


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              Relax. The weeks almost over. You'll make it, and be laughing about it next month.

              Treat yourself to dinner and a movie. Or get a massage, preferably at a spa that serves wine and cookies.


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                Don't stop w/one drink, take the whole bottle w/you to work tommorow. Maybe your friends F-I-L will get the
                SheilaB from SC


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                  I'd be doin shots if I had your week,lol. Hang in there!


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                    Maybe not funny to experience....but.....

                    The way you wrote that was funny....LOL. It is a sticky situation. Hope you. can speak up. I think I would have been distracted by the schnauzer pups, and would want to play w/ them. You could say it isn't safe for the child to be in grooming area or some such excuse. Sounds like the in laws just don't get how much work it is. Working in someone elses' shop is like trying to cook in someone elses' kitchen. That alone, would make it hard.But


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                      I would make him bath boy.
                      If your dog is fat, you are not getting enough exercise!


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                        That which doesn't kill you makes you stronger...

                        Like the title of my post? Yeah, me neither. People say this to me all the time. I think one of these strength building moments in my life will cause me to drop dead...that'll show those smarty pants big mouths.

                        Sorry you had a rough one. I do believe you will laugh at it in the future. I've had similar ARRGGH moments myself. You're close enough to the end of the week right now, heck it's probably already the end of the week somewhere. Drink up!!


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                          Smile, maybe you're on Candid Camera! Is that still on tv somewhere? I loved those!hahaha


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                            Did the m-i-l bring you some lunch???????????


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                              [QUOTE=mustluvdogs1;22782]Sounds like the in laws just don't get how much work it is.

                              It really sounds like the in laws don't do ANY work if they can help it. Making you take the towels in the back as they sit there and watch. Yes yes, I know they are only suppose to answer the phone and make appt. but still, would it have hurt them to help with the towels and clean up after the puppies, and take the rotten kid to lunch with them. grrrrrrrrr

                              Just think this week is almost over and you'll be able to relax soon, and get that drink if you need it!!!!!
                              "There is no psychiatrist in the world like a puppy licking your face."