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White Shaker Syndrome

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  • White Shaker Syndrome

    Has anyone had or worked on a dog with White Shaker Syndrome?

    I have a client, a Cairn Terrier, with this disorder. It has only been here once, but is scheduled to come in tomorrow again. The dog shakes/wobbles uncontrollably the entire time, similarly to a person with severe Parkinsons. I've researched it online & it gets worse under stress, so grooming this dog is dangerous and very difficult.

    My concerns go a little further though - the owner came up with some excuse as to why she didn't know who her vet was, on her first visit. I intend to demand her vet info tomorrow and call the vet to clear the dog for grooming. But also, I've been reading on the internet & all the websites say this disorder is 100% controllable thru medication.

    So I'm wondering if any of you know about this disorder to verify that. I'm afraid that the owner has NO vet & the dog is receiving NO treatment. It's absolutely awful to watch this little dog wobble & shake; if someone was not getting medical attention for it, it would be downright cruel.

    AND I don't want to be held responsible for injuring this dog, or making its condition worse by stressing it out here.

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    Hello chicken,
    I had groomed a dog that shaked with out control. We were two persons (one to held the dog while the other groomed). This dog was under medication but it didn't help at all. The good thing was that the owner just wanted this dog clean and groomed and didn't expect a perfect finish. Good luck with it


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      I have never worked with a dog with this.

      I would suggest sticking to your guns though and getting in contact with her vet. I think it's a good idea to clear the dog first.

      I would feel bad for it too, I couldn't imagine watching it wobble like that.

      Let us know how it goes!
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