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  • Dremel vs. Others

    I notice alot of folks talk about the dremel. What is the difference between the dremel, the master grooming tools grinder and the oster nail grinder?

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    I have the black and decker one from Walmart that is $20. It works great.
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      Dremel = dremel brand, master grooming tools = Pet Edge "bargain brand", and Oster is just another brand. The difference is that some people will like one over the other. I'd say the most common/popular, is the dremel itself, as we seem to call all of the above, "Dremels." Or we say, "Go dremel that dog's nails." Even if we're using a black and decker, lol.

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        First I bought the oster one, it lasted about 3 months. My son was able to fix it with duct tape, and I kept it working for a year. Then I bought the master grooming one, it was a piece of junk. The part that spins wouldn't even stay in the dremel, I used it anyway and then the plug broke. I don't think I got a month out of that one. So I went to Walmart and bought the Black and Decker one. I got the 3 speed it was around $40. I only use it on low and it works great. There is no stupid box that it plugs into to break. It just plugs directly into an outlet. It is much sturdier than either of the other two dremels that I used.


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          I don't know about the quality of the different ones (I use the dremel one). I just know that I will only use a cordless one where it stops if hair accidently gets caught in it. Many of the corded ones do not.
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            I used an $8. cheapie from Harbor Freight for two years that was nice but quit on me recently. I ordered a Master Groomer 3 weeks ago and the connection to the power source broke within 2 weeks time. Pet Edge sent me another one very quickly. It is variable speed which I like and I have found some dogs that hate their nails cut tolerate the "dremeling" better. However, the power source for the Master Groomer is big and bulky and I fear the same part will break quickly again. Next time I may invest in a true Dremel.