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  • Advice: Long Quicks

    Do you groom a dog that has looooong quiks? I do this Austrailian Shepherd mix and every time I groom him (doesn't matter how little I cut off) I get his quik and he bleeds worse than any I have EVER seen. What would you suggest I do about this. I didn't finish cutting his nails today as two of them bled! Should I have her go to the vet where they might cauterize them also?

    Thanks! Ya'll really do rock!!!!!!!!

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    I would reccomend just using a dremmel on them. That way if you do get too close the dremmel usually won't make them bleed. I would have the owner bring the dog in for weekly dremmel and you will be able to shorten the quicks in a couple of months
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      I have a Silky Terrier that I groom.. same problem.. he has got the longest nails... I mentioned to the owner to ask the vet for advice - that maybe they would cut them short (while he was under?) and then we could go from there.

      I have since tried to cut them a little shorter every time and just have the qwik stop ready... it doesn't even seem to phase him.. that's the only reason I do it.. he's a real sweet heart! They seem to be coming along, getting a little shorter...

      This guy doesn't bleed TOO bad though, if the one your talking about does, maybe not a good idea to intentionally quick him... ask your vet!


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        That is what I ended up doing with our Lucky, a sheltie I rescued last year. His quicks were really long, I kept working at them weekly hoping they would receed but they never did much. So when he was in for his teeth cleaning and knocked out I had them cut them SHORT. He was a bit sore footed for a few days, but it is so good to have them short.

        A Peek. I just groomed today has the same problem, plus they curl, I cut them as short as I can, but they are still too long, but I don't want to make him bleed. I have been telling the owner he may need to take him in to the vet, to get them done really good.



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          I've found that with a dremel you can file around the sides and leave the soft tissue slightly exposed. As the dog walks, the quick will recede. I've shortened some pretty long quicks this way. The trick is to get them to come in every 3-4 days. Maybe offer some sort of discount on nails for coming in so often until the quicks are manageable. Good luck!


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            My std poodle is getitng like that with his front nails, I am SLOWLY bringing them back. I do his nails once a week, and can only take slivers but they are getting shorter. Anymore and he bleeds like a son of a gun.
            He was never like that, we showed him and his nails were SHORT, and then I reduced the nails clipping to monthly and boom! So now we are back to the beginning.


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              Any dog who bleeds so excessively could have a bleeding disorder. Something you might want to mention to the owner. Dremmel may work, but only if done every 2-3 days. Maybe the owner could learn to do this? I, too have several with LONG quicks, and I take off as much as I can, but no more, and suggest that when the dog is under for any reason, the vet can cut them way back.
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                Long Quicks

                Too bad owners are squeemish about cutting nails,because they grow faster than fur. If her groomer can do complimentary nail trims(fat chance) the quick will recede eventually. Or she could come to you once a week or so, until the quick recedes. It can be a 16 nail bloody mess. Then the dewsies, i.....I. call them.Dew claws.