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  • Advice: Yorkie Puppy

    I have a Yorkie Puppy (2 lbs) 4 mos old. He tries to bite at the comb. Is this normal for a puppy to do? Fights like the dickens to cut those little tiny nails. After cutting they still seem to stratch. Any advice?

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    Most of my Yorkie pups are like this to groom. Lil wiggly biters! I just try my best to get them done and 90% of the time mine have grown out of it thank goodness.


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      Oh also...

      Is this his 1st groom? Try having them bring him in more regularly, every 2-4 wks - to get him used to being groomed. Even if its just for you to do his nails, etc. I love puppies - the other groomers I have worked with think Im a nut case! I have squeeky toys, etc by my table. Treats when theyre finished and then they can have some toys in their cages when theyre done & waiting for mom.


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        It can be normal. Little puppy probably gets away with everything at home (specifically with the small dogs, like yorkies). So you have to teach puppy that biting isn't allowed. When he bites and struggles keep going, and when he calms praise him (this is of course within reason, I don't think that it's a good idea to stress him too much on his first groom), but he has to learn what is ok . Also, about his nails try filing them you have a dremel?
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          When my two were babies, OMG cutting their nails was a nightmare. It took two of us, I would hold them, and my friend a vet tech, ckipped them. You would of thought they were being killed. They grew out of it, Peanut still cries some but doesn't fight it. Scoop just gives you his paw. They never minded being brushed. But our friends little guy, Kipper will try to bite the brush & he is 2 now. You just have to say "no bite" and he stops, but he is not fond of it.

          Hopefully yours will grow out of it. Just keep working with him.



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            That 3-4mos age can be a nightmare as they try to see how far they can go. Patience, and firmness. Use a brush before you use the comb-comb is just for finding what the brush has missed. Try spraying the brush with Bitter Apple or another bad tasting product-they soon learn on their own that biting the brush is not a good thing. Cut nails are always sharp unless you file the edge smooth or use a dremmel.
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            Groom on!!!