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hello all! a few questions.....

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  • hello all! a few questions.....

    does anyone here buy fabric at walmart for bandannas? because all my area walmarts are quitting selling fabric on march 1st. im little worried about that wiht jo anns fabric prices. and by the way im looking for a groomer software program that good and will let me view appointments by the day week and month?

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    I buy all my fabric there. I would stock up if I were you. I use 123 pet software.
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      This wal*mart topic is a big one, do a search and you'll find it.

      I work at an animal hospital so we use the IntraVet program, not useful for you I'm sorry. Try a search, as I know this was discussed also...maybe you'll find it under 123pet, that is the name of some software available.

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        I use 123Pet as well. So far love it, it has soooooo many aspects that I barely use any of them. I just started last month with it though. They send you a free trial version that is nice to play around with. Know this though, no matter what one you get, it will be hard at first cause you're not used to it, so don't let the particular software's complexity get you down at first.
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