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Why are so many groomer opposed to change?

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  • Why are so many groomer opposed to change?

    While in school my teacher was so opposed to change it was crazy! She could not even comprehend that things HAVE changed in the past 20 years of grooming.

    Yes, she was a great teacher, taught me at my speed, and knew when to push and not too (sometimes), but any talk of another method she would only laugh at you and ridicule the thought and then put down groomers that used aids of any sort.

    I had the opporutnity to talk with another groomer in my area and she also does EVERYTHING old school. I mnetioned about what I have learned and tried and she then gave the age old...that was not how we were taught and why would you go against what you were taught??

    Maybe not everyone is like the people I have encountered on message boards that will always look how to work smarter not harder, strive to learn more and realize the education does not end at school.

    But why are people so opposed???

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    I agree. I think that this is a very valid point, esspecially for the pet grooming industry.

    I think that many people are very resistant of change. New ideas, new opinions, new competition seems to frighten them or make them feel less of the authority or less superior. If they have always been the authority, and their ways have always been accepted as the best way, they may feel threatened by someone who comes along with new or innovative ideas.

    They may feel that when new ideas are born, that it implies that their way was wrong or is no longer the standard. To be open to change, they have to let go of something that they valued and felt was the best, while admitting that there are new and improved ideas that have replaced them.

    I think that it can be very hard for some people to admit when new and improved ideas, inovations, or even talented people enter thier fields, so they fight anything new that comes their way and try to prevent it from being accepted by others.

    It's really unfortunate for them, because the most successful business people that I know are the ones who are open to change, new innovations and happy to see new competition keeping their field fresh and evolving.

    Fortunately, there are also many forward thinking business people becoming involved in the pet grooming industry who are bringing with them new ideas and new technology. Most likely those afraid of change will either learn to adjust or be raplaced.


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      I use to work for a woman and I was always trying to get her to go to grooming seminars. Some were even held in the town we lived in. She said that she knew all she needed to know. I love to learn new things and if it helps me to groom faster and turn out a nicer looking dog then by all means teach me.


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        I think people are hesitant to try things a new way if they felt the old way is a time proven method of doing things, or it's just easier for them. I had a hard time with this when I went to grooming school after grooming for a number of years. I had to relearn alot of things and found it difficult to try and get proficient in doing things the right way and breaking the old incorrect habits. I'm very glad I went back to school; I know I'm a better groomer for it now, but there were times in school where I really had to kick my own a** to not stubbornly stick to the old ways that were comfy & familiar to me. Human nature, maybe?


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          If it isn't broken don't mess with it! Why change something if it works for you.

          That would be my guess. I have found changing the way I learned to groom to be hard on me. I have given it a try and most of the things I have learned that are new have worked out pretty good. I had worked by my self for almost 12 yrs and doing fine, before I went to another shop to work (that is a long story and I won't bore you with it now LOL) part time at. That is where I learned of this board (from Tammy). I must say my eyes have been opened and I'm very willing to learn new and easier ways of grooming.
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            many opposed to change

            If it weren't for the internet & especially this board I'd be grooming 70s style. I apprenticed using no force dryer.
            Locally, no one has heard of wet shaving -I must be nuts!....

            Very thankfully I was introduced to the clipper vac! And using my clipper in reverse has made me a much better groomer! (I was recently told that it ruins the dog's skin to clip in reverse- don't think so)

            I thank all of you who share your knowledge!!


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              I think some people like change and other people don't deal with it well. I'm one of those people who love change. If things stay the same too long I'm not happy (well, except for life with my hubby). Unfortunately, its a detriment sometimes, because I want to buy everything so I can try everything.

              Being a person that's like that, its frustrating to me to see people who don't want to learn new things, or to see those that put down others for trying something new, or think there is nothing to learn. When I went to Intergroom with my old boss, she walked out of all but 2 seminars, saying that she's never use that stuff. I always stay, because I always learn at least one new thing, and over time that ads up.

              Take what they say, learn from them, but never stop trying to learn more on your own. Over time you will decide what works best for you and what makes you turn out the best grooms you can.
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                Resistance to change is a very common pschological phenomena. So is fear of failure, and the two often go hand in hand. I also think many groomers are perfectionists, and they fear trying something new because if they try it, it doesn't work perfectly the first time, they view it as failure.

                The grooming industry isn't the only one affected, by a long shot. Look at medicine. How many things are still done the same way they were done a hundred years ago, just because that's the way it's always been done? Interns and first year residents are still worked practically to death. One thing I'm always tempted to ask the doctors in the ER is "When was the last time you had 8 hours of uninterrupted sleep? Because if you haven't slept in the last 24 hours, I don't want you working on me."

                It's pretty well documented that doctors who have worked a 24 hour (or longer) shift are much more likely to make mistakes. Yet the medical community refuses to make realistic adjustments because "That's the way it's always been done".

                As far as groomers go, I too know several who do things one way, and aren't interested in learning anything new. And when they ask me why they should try something new, I usually ask them if they're rather have their doctor treat their sore throat with snake oil and leaches, or a prescription for antibiotics. Some get it, some don't.


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                  Originally posted by Jersey View Post
                  I use to work for a woman and I was always trying to get her to go to grooming seminars. Some were even held in the town we lived in. She said that she knew all she needed to know. I love to learn new things and if it helps me to groom faster and turn out a nicer looking dog then by all means teach me.
                  I agree. I think that we get better and better as we learn new things. I am always striving to learn new methods, because usually in the long run it makes things run more efficiently...and I can make more money
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                    Ah! You see the light. Move towards the light. Keep going... Going..... You will do fine.
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                      That is how my grooming instructor was in school---and I think it is exactly what Pixie said: if it ain't broke, don't fix it.

                      I've learned more from getting out of the box. So long as it doesn't compromise safety, and common sense is acceptable, I would try it.

                      Tammy in Utah
                      PS: Good for you for moving forward, not backward or staying stagnant.
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                        My grooming instructor was actually of the more modern mentality...but I still don't know where she got the "pattern to the elbow" on cockers...though I thought it looked ok. I had a horrible time doing what I was instructed to do when I got back to my regular shop. All of my breed clips were "wrong" by everyone else's standards because it wasn't how they all did it. It was very discouraging. That's why I left there. I learned a lot about proper breed clips where I'm at now, but my boss still has a lot of old school preferences. I coaxed her into getting hydraulic tables and the CV and she still complains about both on occassion. She also disagrees with my bathing first, as well as my occasional wet-shave. Life was so easy before I found this group because I fit the mold a bit better, but I wouldn't change it for anything. You can't have everything.


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                          I don't like change in my personal life, but I LOVE trying new things and new ways in the biz. Keeps things fresh, and keeps things from becoming boring. I've been grooming for many years, and I know I'm better and faster now than I've ever been because of all the great new products and time saving advice out there now.
                          Old groomers never die, they just go at a slower clip.

                          Groom on!!!


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                            I think it might be because sometimes change is scary. I am kind of bad though, I have heard so many new ideas that don’t work or are not productive, that I am very apprehensive on trying any new approach. I know this is bad-trying to fix it!!


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                              Me? I am lazy, honest to goodness lazy. I prefer anything that makes my job easier, healthier, quicker and nicer looking!
                              right now I don't have all the gadgets but I know what I want!!! (in this HV, stand dryer, cage dryer, bath system, ivac, etc

                              I don't mind change, I will try anything once (as long as a few people have gone before me and had good results and are not completely insane).

                              In my personal life change is never good and often sad, I love my personal life, my relationship are great and healthy, the ones that are not I keep away from me (all about good karma here). I strive for balance.