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Thanks for tips on the big hairys!!!

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  • Thanks for tips on the big hairys!!!

    Today I had 2 german sheperds and 1 golden, 3 different clients. I used vinegar rinses on all 3 after the shampoo, and followed with a conditioner rinse (I know best to use straight, but one new thing at a time!). I did some raking while soaking in conditioner rinse, and some more after final rinse and towel dry. I feel like they dried faster than they would have if I had waited to brush at the very end like I usually do...I guess by separating the hairs and debulking the chunky areas I increased airflow. Also, the combo made the final brushouts go much more quickly, as all 3 were blowing coat. The first GSD took me almost 1 hour, the second took me about 50 mins and the golden took me and hour and a half (he is 12 and had a small mat behind one ear and one on the tummy. He needed to lay down for most of it.) I then came home and groomed our friends Sib Husky who is staying with us for the week, and brushed out my own lab. I must say, for that many big dogs, I feel like I had a good solid day of work, yet my body is not as exhausted as usual. The coats looked great, I guess the vinegar really does a great job removing residue. I wonder if it helped me brush them out? Did it make the conditioner rinse more effective than if I had not rinsed with vinegar? Anyways, thanks for the tips everyone...I love this board.