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When Is the Best Time to go to School?

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  • When Is the Best Time to go to School?

    A goomer I talked to said I should try to graduate in Feb, because that's when people are hiring. I could probably finish the end of march in the school I'm looking at. Is there a time I should try to avoid graduating? Thanks.

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    I don't really think there is a bad time


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      I agree, and you could probably find a job as a part-time bather while you-re still in school to help get your foot in the door somewhere


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        Very true. You may not want to get out there right before elementary school begins. That seems to be the only really slow time.


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          I agree with everyone else. I went to school during the summer months in South Florida and we kept getting all the same kinds of dogs lhasa's, shih tzus, westies, yorkies, poodles. The instructor told us that all the different breeds come in the winter so I missed out learning to groom alot of the breeds I wanted to learn to groom.


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            LOL, for me no time! lol I went when my youngest was 11 weeks old, started in Oct, hit a few snow storms along the way (some were BAD and scary wehn driving through the mountains), and I finihed the middle of Jan.
            My shop opens on Thursday!! bad timing? Who knows? I am glad it is finished and grateful for the opportunity.
            I would whenever you feel ready. DOn't worry about people hiring, just worry about you and your education.