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    i posted a message about the shampoo in the wrong area and some of you did comment on it, i still feel the same about the shampoo i've tried three different ones and i like them.i use the oatmeal for my dogs and i like it,also the price i'm paying may not be that high at all, i get it from a beauty supply that only sells to licensed cosmetologist i get a lot of things from them that i use for grooming like, clipper oil,water proof aprons,disposable gloves ,small towels to clean my van,spray bottles,air freshners etc. anyways i pay way less there than ordering through a catalog for example i also save money on s/h and just buy what i need when i need it and its very close to my house, i was doing the math and i would pay the same per gallon of paul mitchell's than the one i use know i will not use the shampoo on all the dogs i groom but just on the ones that the owners are always complaining about the dog itching and i also told them that if after using it for so long and that if it works and if they want me to keep using it they can order from me and i will purchase it for them so i can keep using it, till now everybody has agreed. i believe i pay 8 dollars for a 32 oz bottle of shampoo at this place i also get shampoo for me there like matrix,redken etc. at very good prices like 10 something for a 32oz bottle of shampoo or conditioner for me.that's how i use my license since i did not like working in a salon doing real people hair i like dealing with dogs better they are much nicer to me.

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    Its good that you found a product you really like, but as groomers we all experiment with several lines before we find one we really like. Dont be surprised if, in time, you are hooked on something different.

    I wanted to say something 'KINDLY' to your last sentence in your post. Im saying this with all due respect: Groomers deal just as much with people as do hairstylists, doctors, lawyers or any other profession that performs a 'service'. People skills are 50% of the grooming process. People are people whether you are doing their hair or their 'babies' hair. If someone is not a 'people person' then they are not cut out to have a busienss. That's just my opinion and nothing personal intended. Those who make it in this business had better hone their people skills along with their shears.


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      I agree Groom...somedays I have very nice dogs, and butthead people...somedays its the other way around. You just have to know how to handle each one...and thats not always easy lol but its definitely a more people job than a dog job..... buts its a great job! HAVE FUN


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        i'm not offended but i just did not like people telling me how to do things when i was doing their hair after all i did go to school for 1yr for something but it always seemed to be that they knew how to do it right if they did why would they go get it done by someone else? i do my own hair all the time color it and cut too,i never had anybody say anything to me but i would hear them say it to someone else and it really made me mad and there was always too much drama going on, i deal with people everyday i've owned my business for almost 4 yrs and the good thing about it is that i can get rid of who ever is not nice to me that's what i love about owning my business i always try to be as nice as i can when i do;and i'm in the business because i like what i do why would you want to deal with a person that ruins your day or just don't like or they put you down because they think they are better than you i've learned that i don't have to put up with it there is a lot of business out there and i've been pretty lucky and can be picky now i treat all my clients with respect and i deserve the same; but i know that dogs are nicer than most of us because they wag their tail instead of their tongue! by the way i'm mobile and love it.