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  • Scratching and chewing

    Lately I've gotten more and more dogs coming in scratching and chewing all parts of their bodies. I talked to my vet and he said it's either dry skin or allergies. I've been using moisturizing shampoo and conditioner on them, it helps some but not completely. Has anyone found something else that gives them some relief? My customers are all at their wits end.

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    More than likely it is dry skin because of the cold weather. Nature's Specialties has a conditioner with aloe that can be heated and used as a Hot Oil Treatment... it is fabulous.

    Also, your parents can get food with salmon oil or supplements.


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      Some won't agee w/ me

      You may not agree with me but, it works and my clients are grateful. After bath appy one capful straight or diluted, Liasterine to dogs' back or where scratching and itcching occur. Niko, a shih Tzuhad dry, stinky skin. Used,and helped a lot! Owner uses inbetween,,says doesn't smeel so much now. anti-bacterial. It works. does not sting. Worked on my flakiest of all own Jax.Helly may disagree but, it does . worNeem shampoo also helps...smells like lifesaver wintergreen.


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        1. davis chlorehexedine (sp) 2 or 4%.
        2. a true hypoallergenic you would be surprised to realize how many hypo's have fragrance and dye added
        3. davis clarifying shampoo.
        4. may not be the shampoo, but diet
        5. could also be the heat in the house. it dries out their coats.
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          Make sure you have entirely rinsed the dog!!! The oat from pet edge (their brand) works really well and so does vets best hypo!!!!


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            I put aloe in my shampoo for those dogs. I would also take a look at the food they are eating.
            If your dog is fat, you are not getting enough exercise!


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              switch to Coat Handler, the clarifier and conditioner. I use to use another shampoo...I like to try different ones..get bored with same ole same ole lol, after using the coat handler I never hear them say...oh hes been scratching himself silly! sometimes also it could be the cologne that you use...then again, it could just be their dog food. I always recommend a certain premium food (that I won't mention because of some remarks ones not knowing what they're talking about lol) but when they switch their food, I see a big difference..every single time!! This winter I used an oatmeal anti itch shampoo, I believe was bark 2 basics, no problems with it either..


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                Allergies or dry skin

                I work on alot of dogs with allergy problems. Dogs with allergies usually chew on their feet, butts, and scratch their ears incessantly, even if the ears appear healthy and clean. Dogs with dry skin don't usually concentrate on those areas, and you often see flakey skin. I like BioGroom's hypo-oatmeal, which is soap-free, and can be used on both allergy and dry skin dogs. Try to stay away from anything fragranced, on either type of skin problem.

                As groomers, there is only so much we can do in these cases. If it's dry skin, a good leave-in conditioner can help, but the real culprit is the dog's diet, if it's a long-term problem, not just seasonal. You are what you eat.

                Now, just to help you out, I will expose myself to the possibility of being flamed severely by telling you the best thing I've EVER used on dogs with allergy problems. ;-) I've been grooming for 22 years, have had to deal with a personal dog with severe allergy problems, as well as try to help clients with their tormented pets. I will say upfront that I don't really mind if others tell me I'm wrong here, all I care about is if it works- and it does, 9 out of 10 times.

                Get a clean, empty gallon shampoo bottle.
                Pour into it;
                2 cups regular white vinegar (NOT cider)
                2 oz. glycerin (look at your pharmacy)
                1 regular sized bottle of Ivory soap.

                Now fill it up the rest of the way with water, and shake to mix. That's it.
                It's an old recipe, people used to use it on their show dogs. The dogs will not smell like vinegar when they're dry. I have a couple of clients who always make it a point to tell me to use "that super shampoo" when they drop their dogs Many say it not only helps alot with the itching, but the dogs smell better longer.

                It's cheap and easy, I've never had any dog have any type of reaction to it, and it's been time tested. The first time I used it on my allergic Lab, I was skeptical, but I had tried everything else under the sun to wash him with. No matter what, he would immediately start to scratch and chew at his feet after his bath. I tried this, and it was the first time in his life that he got home, gave a big sigh, and took a nap. I was convinced. It's not a 'cure', but give it a try, you might be surprised.


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                  Maybe recommend a humidifyer for your clients, at least for the room(s) most occupied by them or their pets.


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                    Yeah, recommend to the clients to put added oils in their dogs food. Bathing is just a quick fix and will wear off after a couple days. They need something more long term.


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                      Are these dogs that you have previously groomed? We were having that problem and found out that a shampoo that we had started using was causing it, so we went back to using just the Davis shampoos. The other shampoo was a bit pricey anyway, so that was good.


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                        Could it be your brand of shampoos? I wouldn't think that would be your answer, but if it's increasing, it would make me wonder.

                        Tammy in Utah
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                          Wind burn from HV dryer

                          Hi, well all of the suggestions are super and many may work. But if you find that nothing works, you might condiser changing the way you dry the dog.

                          Yep, Joni from the GL had a client dog she inherited. She had done him for years...but once she had him home, she found that no matter what she did, (and she tried all the the suggestions that have been mentioned and a few others)...

                          She racked her brain, and came up with the only thing that had not been changed...the way she dried the dog. So she tried drying him differently...just a good towel dry, and a nice comb out (no brush) and lo and behold, NO Itching! First time in 2 years that she has had the dog (a Cocker).

                          So, with the HV dryers, we use today, maybe some dogs with very sensitive skin...we are wind burning or similar...might be worth a re-think on the way you dry dogs.

                          I did, and my dogs enjoy the different way I do things now. It doesn't take me any longer, and I use a 16mm t-pin brush, using the gold LP brush only the last 10% to fluff. the t-pin brush acts like 9 wide tooth combs being put through the coat. You wouldn't believe the difference. And I do LOTS of fluffies!


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                            Different dogs scratch from different things, but during this time of year I would bet that many of the itchies are caused by dry skin. Shampoo and conditioners are only a temporary relief, the customer needs to adjust the dogs diet by either changing dog food, or adding a supplement or type of fatty acid. The big supplement that I remember everyone using years ago was Linatone (sp?). I never hear of anyone using this anymore, is it still around? I have several customers whose vet recommend a little olive oil or the oil from canned salmon on their regular dog food. Anyone try this? Leave on conditioner in a spritz bottle could also be used between groomings at home on the short haired dogs for relief. BTW, thankfully my dogs skin and coats are not itchy from winter (so far) so I am not needing to adjust their winter diets.
                            SheilaB from SC


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                              We had the problem once when we switched to some apple spice shampoo right before christmas (can't remember who made it) and had about 15 phone calls of red itchy, dry bumps on dogs. So could be.