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  • Conditioner Question??

    I have a question for the folks that use a bathing system. I recently made my own, got all the bugs worked out, and have come to LOVE it!! My question is, when you use a bathing system , can you put conditioner in the water and run in through the pump, or do you need to do it by hand? If it is safe to put conditioner in the water used for the bath, can you put it in with the shampoo to help save a step?

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    I use a Bathing Beauty and I regularly put conditioner in the water to recirculate. It does a fantastic job of getting it properly dispersed throughout the entire coat. I use Re-Moisturizer from Nature's Specialties too which has to be one of the thickest conditioners out there.


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      I wouldn't put conditioner in the water and run it through the pump. It wouldn't hurt the pump, but conditioner works best if applied directly to the hair. And, although I know people who do it, putting conditioner in the water to cut the suds, and eliminate a step in the whole process isn't a good idea, either. Conditioners are made to bond almost instantly with the hair. If the hair and skin still has soap residue on it, you're sealing soap into the hair and skin.