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Strong urine smell even after bathing

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  • Strong urine smell even after bathing

    Today I groomed a Briard who was just rescued from Virginia. The dog is believed to be around 10 years old. The poor old guy is a mess. He is extremely arthritic. He has patches of baldness, especially on his ears, and his skin is very dull. I gave him a bath only, because he had recently been shaved down. The dog has an extreme urine smell, even after his bath. It is all over his body. It almost seems like its seeping out from his skin. To me it smells like old cat urine. Its very distinctive. This dog was also trying to eat the urine soaked snow in his yard. The new owner said he tries to eat both his poop and pee. (I've never heard of a dog trying to eat its urine). She has a vet appointment tomorrow. Do you think its possible that this dog spent much of its life living in its own excrement and that's why it exibits this behavior and why it smells so bad? Has anyone ever known a dog to have a strong urine smell when there is an illness? I feel so bad for this dog. He is absolute sweetheart. The new owner doesn't think he's going to survive very long because he seems in such pain. Below is a picture of the poor guy. The dog's ears were never can barely tell its a briard.
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    a urinary infection or kidney disease can cause very strong urine smells with kidney trouble even the breath can smell like urine. It sounds like the dog has a good home now.


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      I would try the standard de-stinking methods such as diluted vinegar. Although I did groom a massive unneutered golden once when I first started grooming and he just had this.. musk ("man scent" the bather said - ew!) about him. It was the end of the day and I was quite bored being done so fast so I attempted to wash it out. Three baths later, it hadn't even faded a bit. It did drive my spayed female wild though, she stood by the tub wagging her tail fiercely.

      As far as eating excrement and urine, I have heard dogs who live in filth do attempt to "clean up" by doing this. Hopefully this is not the situation, but you never know.


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        We all know dogs who are poo eaters. That's not so unusual. It's less common for dogs to lap up their own urine, but it's not a rarity, by any means. I think it's probably more common in bitches than dogs, but I've seen plenty of male dogs lick urine too.

        I'd suspect the strong urine odor may be due to kidney failure or a UTI. If the kidney's aren't removing waste from the blood, they reek of urine. It comes through their skin, their breath, their saliva. On the other hand, if he's licking up urine, his breath is going to have a strong urine odor even if his kidneys are functioning normally.


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