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  • Proper Use of Scissors...

    I have only been grooming for about 1.5 years. How long did it take you to be able to move just your when scissoring? It is so difficult!

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    That's a good question. I really don't know how long it was. I think all of a sudden it just came naturally and I didn't notice. The funny thing is I noticed, when showing someone how to move the and not the rest of the hand, its now almost impossible to move the rest of the hand.
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      a trick

      a good trick i learned at nash is to hold your scissor under a table ... resting the top blade perpedicular to the underside of the table ... this blade has to stay still if you are using only your ... while your moves the bottom blade. this sounds really confusing when reading it .... just try it! it's very easy!


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        Notes ffrom the grooming table has a very good explaination about scissoring, but how long ? OUCH,,,,


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          I've always just moved my when scissoring. My shears are delicate and don't cut if I use to much pressure. My mom used to be a hair stylist and my aunt still is. They taught me how to use scissors before I even starting grooming. Of course I hold them like a hair stylist instead of a groomer. LOL


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            it comes naturally and with time you'll just notie it one day. I tyr to show the gals at work but it something you just get better at you really can't teach.