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  • More painted Kitties

    Sorry I couldn't figure out how to post them under just one URL. I am truly having a dumb blonde PMS kinda day. Duh

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    That is great, I love the Mardi Gras mask.


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      Thank you!

      That was amazingh...makes me wish I had a cat! The swimmer was really funny. and the electric blue and greens...alll sooo creative. I wonder how they get them to sit still and do such an even job.


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        I've never seen anything like that! Is that all the work of one artist/person? Do they have a web site? Amazing!


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          Our kennel kinda agreed that some might be enhanced and some cats might be sedated. How else would you get that level of detail on a cat??


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            Here's where the picture came from

            Lily's mom - someone posted this info. on the first thread of painted kitties.

            Those photo's come from a book titled "Why Paint Cats" The ethics of feline asthesthetics Burton Silver/Heather Busch ,Ten Speed press 2002


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              They should send pics to Jay Leno...

              Headlines...Jay Leno. They should send them to that show. jay thinks dogs in clothes are silly...these are works of art. Amazing eye candy...I could look at them for hours.


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                How they do that!!! Is that photo shop!? Geez, If iwas like walking in the woods and one of these cats came strolling by i would be freeking out. What type of products do ya think they used on these cats. Can it be all true? Am i missing something here? I feel stupid not to know something like this is going on. Where are these cats now?
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                    I purchased a calendar with most of those pictures in it, and I still have and I think its 3 yesr old! In the calendar there was Santa, an Indian, an american flag, and a pig. I didn't know it was from a book.


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                      I am disappointed if it was all computerized. The one w/ littrle template and blo-pen...That I can believe. What cat would let you paint Charlie Chaplin on iI loved them anyway.t's but under anas? Maybe handlebar mustache...time for that.if patient cat?


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                        Being an artist and a groomer, I am abusolutely amazed!!! Yes, there is a website, but it just has comments on the book and a place to contact for your input. I want this book! I would love to do this, if the cats are not sedated. Sounds like they used manic panic. I have contacted them for more info. We'll see what happens.