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  • Bathmaster Users?

    I have used Hydrosurge in the past and just ordered the two product feed Bathmaster. Anyone else using Bathmaster? If so, how do you like it and what shampoos do you find work best with it?

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    The first shop I worked at got one in while I was there.

    I loved it.

    At first you think there isn't enough soap, but there is.

    Those dogs were spotless, I am telling you.

    I don't remember what shampoo we used though.

    I want one some day.


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      I have a 4 product wall mount hydrosurge...its great...I use coat handler with it though. I don't know about the bath master, but on the hydro surge the little pins that you connect the tubes to get clogged and thats a pain. But it sure does beat the old hydro surge...saves time and saves tons of shampoo too! let me know how you like using yours!


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        I have the bath master and hate it, I use tropiclean, I have to put water in the shampoo so the bath master can work. I was told it works better with the shampoo they sell. Good luck


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          I have a bathmaster also. Have had a terrible time getting it to feed. I find I have to dilute most shampoos to get a good feed. Anyone have any solutions to this problem?


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            Well, looks like I've got about a 50/50 chance. I liked the hydrosurge. It did clog often though and I had to blow out the lines pretty much every morning. The Bathmaster should be in sometime next week. I use BioGroom for my general use shampoo so we'll see. I'll let you know how it goes. Thanks for the input.


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              It's here!! I got it all hooked up yesterday and had a trial by fire today. Two airedales, a border collie, a great pyraneese, golden retriever, two bichons, a schnauzer and a yorkie! It worked great! So far, so good!

              It was easy to install too which was a big plus for me.


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                ladyblue am having the same problem too, the company tells me to add more water, I think the bathmaster should do all the work, I have sent my back now 2 times and still doesnt work good.