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Its amazing what a little brushing can do!

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  • Its amazing what a little brushing can do!

    This shepherd was in yesterday (my day off) for a bath and treatment, but the owners asked to leave her overnight to get groomed (brushed out). So the ONLY thing I did to her was brush out the undercoat, she already had a bath and didn't get trimmed up at all. The before pics are really 'during' because I had already brushed the other side out and blown both sides with the HV.



    I was swimming in hair. lol I used my 8, 12, and 16 blade mat kings, then brushed with the slicker, combed, put coat gloss and brushed with the slicker again. Luckily she was a very good girl, my coworker told me that she's the mom to some of the area police dogs.

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      big defference. Didn't they want a bath?
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        hairy dog

        You should have saved the hair to show the owners! She must feel so much better!


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          So, did you charge for giving them a second dog (all that hair:-)


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            Diamie, the kennel techs gave her a bath yesterday and even did some brushing.

            Looking back at the before pics, they don't really do her justice there was just SO much hair, I didn't think I'd get it all out! When I first looked at her I thought she was a husky mix, that's how much hair she had! lol


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              Good Job


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                Beautiful Dog!

                GREAT groom Maggy!! It's a big job to get that undercoat out - did ya cough up any fur balls afterwards? I bet the owner was thrilled!!


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                  I notice that when I brush my hair too, how much cleaner and nicer it looks. OHHHHH! You're talking about the dogs! Yes, it makes a huge difference.

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                    Here is another one from today. This guy was a bit less behaved, I took his muzzle off just to take the picture and then put him up. lol

                    You can see the pile of hair on the floor, I would say thats at least half of what I got out! I raked him while the shampoo sat and then again while the conditioner sat. I also blew him out the best I could, then dried him by putting him in a wire crate with box fans all around.
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                        Maggy, seriously, if you don't have a Zoom Groom, get one to use on these big (or little) hairy beasties. On Labs, beagles, shepherds, goldens, Dobes, dachshunds; you can't beat it. It even works great on cats.

                        Like Pamperedpups said, they do an amazing job of getting that undercoat out. You can use it in the tub first to give 'em a good scrub, then after drying go back with the Zoom Groom again. It just grabs and pulls all that undercoat and loose hair out, and won't burn or irritate the skin.

                        And they're cheap! I sell a ton of them just by showing the owner how much hair they'll pull off with little effort.