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  • Davis Fluff Out Question

    I got a sample of Davis Fluff out.I'm doing a maltese bichon X friday.she likes him to stay fluffy so I skim him with a zero comb his coat is more like a maltese than a bichon would you use the Davis Fluff out him and do you think it will keep him fluffy longer?I haven't had a chance to use it on anything yet was wondering how exactly it works.Out of all the samples of products they gave me with my wgnt I like the best shot products the best I can see a diffrence in their coats they glow plus my hands are getting softer.

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    I really like to use the Fluff Out, and I use it on many breeds of dogs. I had a lady call a couple weeks ago and ask what I used on her dog to make it stay fluff for so long and soft at the same time. She had two little Maltese that had been clipped by another groomer. She brought them to be for a bath and tidy up. I spritzed the Fluff Out on them after I toweled them off, then fluff dried. I was always happy with the results.


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      Davis fluff-out works great for doing poodles top knots and bichon's heads.It keeps them fluffy for a few days. Beware if you use it on black dogs, I used on a small black poodle with thin hair and it left flakes.


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        I use christensen's thick and thicker and then styling gel (I think Helly said you can use KY jelly too) it's the same consistency. They even have hair spray it really holds the shape longer.


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          Is the Fluff Out their "quick dry" product or is that a different product? I use something from Davis that helps to dry and fluff but I can't remember the name. I really like it though. I also just got a sample package from Best Shot and I love most of them!!! The self rinse shampoo is wonderful, I used it on a Schnauzer that did the poop and stomp shuffle on Wednesday AFTER his groom. It cleaned it right up off the feet and you could never tell. Their finishing spray and medicated shampoo is wonderful and I also love the Lemon Aid shampoo. When it starts to really pick up in a few weeks I plan on starting to carry these products. Right now I have plenty of shampoos to get me through the winter!
          SheilaB from SC


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            Davis Fluff Out

            Davis Fluff Out and Davis Quick Dry are two different products. I really like the Fluff Out, the fine silky coats don't collapse when you are trying to groom when you use the Fluff Out to dry them. I think the coats stay fresh looking longer also.


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              I like the fluff our for scissoring, I use it on legs especially on Schnauzers with limp hair and then of course on the norm: bichons, poodles, etc.