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ivac clipper vac problem

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  • ivac clipper vac problem

    I got my ivac today.I plan to use it with my clipper vac. The end that attaches to the clipper is different from the clipper vac end does the end screw off or pull off(I don't want to break it)I tried both gently but it wouldn't budge.My clipper vac came installed in my wgnt,Thanks Robin

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    Hi, I guess it depends on your unit and just exactly what kind of hose hook up [into] the clipper vac. I can use my iVac hose with my Tote, by just unscrewing the hose off the pvc peice that fits into the Tote, I just screw in the IiVac hose.
    In a unit, I'm not sure how your actual unit has it's hose into the CV.

    In my rig, I have an 8 ft hose off the CV, then the iVac's 18 ft. hose, they are bot inserted into a piece of PVC pipe fitting, with duct tape securing both hoses. I know sounds weird, but my CV is a Model 1, with it sitting in the rear of my rig, the hose runs along inside of a lot of the existing work and behind the slide out bathroom then to the area I need, and I have it up and over so it's not on the floor. Sounds like a lot of hose, but really it's out of the way and works well. See what kind of hose hooke up into the new one screws in, the old one plugs in, sort of.