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Still Looking For A Girl Std. Poodle!!!!!

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  • Still Looking For A Girl Std. Poodle!!!!!

    HEY guys!!not sure if this is where I should post this,but here's it goes....I'm still looking for a female standard poodle,I'm need her any age, but must be a light if anyone here's anything please let me know......THANKS PINK

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    Still Looking For A Girl Std. Poodle?

    What happened to the Standard Poodle I helped you adopt about 3 weeks ago? I hope he is okay!


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      yes,and thank you for your help,I'll be use him,but not for creative contest.. he's find,but I still need a female light color standard poodle for creative contest it's easier to use a liter color poodle and if you don't belive me, just ask anyone here!!or go into the creative photo galleriers,you'll see what I'm mine.....thanks pink


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        My friend that rescues dogs just called and said she has a white/apricot St. Poo, male, that is about 1 1/2 yrs old. He is neutered (or will be and microchip). I know it isn't a female but if interested pm me and I'll give you rescue ladys info.
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          That is good to know! I believe that light colored are easier than darker, I have no reason not to. I didn't know you wanted more than 1 standard poodle...I got a little concerned when I saw this post. Thanks for setting me straight. Good luck in your search. We have a girl come available, but not light colored. If I hear of a cream or apricot, I will let you know.


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            I know of 2 male standards that are 8 months old. Sorry no females. They are the littermates of mine on the avatar. Let me know if your interested.
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              Search Petfinder for Carolina Poodle Rescue!