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Cheers to Arrooh from Groomers Helper

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  • Cheers to Arrooh from Groomers Helper

    Well I am back from Burbank and WHAT A GREAT SHOW! It was terrific meeting members of the Pet Groomer Forums message boards and giving out free products to everyone who introduced themselves! Thanks! Congrats to the Winner of our Starter Set giveaway - SUPERMUTTS

    And CHEERS to ARROOH for all her support during the show. What a professional and such an asset to Groomers Helper! I never would have made it through the show without Arrooh's help - The Groomers Helper Helper!

    In fact, we now have a Groomers Helper Helper Club forming as satisfied customers come forward with their support of the product and great testimonials. WOW! Please check our tradeshow schedule so we can meet at an upcoming show. If you live near one of the shows, then please contact me and we'll see if we can get you into the Club.

    Thanks again to Arrooh for all her hard work and dedication to Groomers Helper. I look forward to Burbank 2008 (which is less than a year away depending on the date of the show)! What a great experience!

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    Chuck----Will you be at the Atlanta show or the Charlotte, NC show in June? I would like to purchase the GH at the Atlanta show in a few weeks!


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      Tradeshow schedule

      Looking forward to Atlanta show in a few weeks! Thanks for asking!

      Also, our company tradeshow schedule is posted on our web site. Click on the tradeshow links on the right side of the home page for a complete listing.

      Another big event is our Open House during the upcoming H.H. Backer show where we invite everyone to visit our busy salon and see the Groomers Helper in action. Our shop, The Pet Salon, is just a few miles from the Convention Center.

      It is going to be great. Check out the website for details. See you in Atlanta!


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        See you in Atlanta, Chuck! Glad to hear you had a great show in Burbank.


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          I got the Trade Show Blues!

          Just did Groom and Kennel Expo in Burbank, CA and in two weeks I will be at the APPMA Global Pet Expo in Orlando, then in another two weeks or so I will be at The Atlanta Pet Fair, three weeks after that is the HH Backer Spring Trade Show in Atlantic City, aproximately two weeks after that Groom Classic in Kansas City, then one week after that InterGroom in North Jersey, then three weeks after that the Pacific Northwest Grooming Show in Bellvue, WA then one weeks after that The NDGAA's Carolina Groomfest in Charlotte the two weeks after that I will be in a mental instution for exhaustion and grooming show overload! Just kidding I Love the Trade Show circut. I get to meet alot of great people.

          So to answer you question I absolutely will be in Atlanta and the same goes for Charlotte and InterGroom. Any registered member of PetGroomer.Com will recieve a Free Groomers Helper Professional Loop and a chance to win a Groomers Helper. Just stop by our booth and Identify yourself as a member.

          You can print a Entry Form at: or we will have them at the booth. We will change the Online Entry Form from Burbank to Atlanta tomorrow.

          Also, anyone from PetGroomer.Com buying a Groomers Helper Professional Set can deduct the Trade Show Ticket cost off of their purchase. That means if you want to come to the Atlanta Pet Fair to buy a Groomers Helper Professional Set I will pay for your admission. Enjoy the rest of the trade show on me. Pass the word around and see you there.



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            Thanks Chuck

            Well I was tired after 3 days. I'm glad I did it, and also loved meeting the people, but you are amazing.

            Y'all, I've seen Chucks Demonstrations for a few years. Whenever in his area I would watch. Well, I watched and watched and watched over the week-end when I could. Sunday I finally didn't watch quite so much, but still found myself drawn to look. Hour after hour, year after year over and over and over again, and Chuck still puts in energy, enthusiasm, humor, caring and committment to the good of the Groomers Helper. All the vendors around us were in awe as much as I was. Towards the end of the day on Sunday bright eyes and personal caring. And this will go on and on and on at all those venues.

            As great as the Groomers Helper is, and I would not want to groom without it at all, it wouldn't be in so many peoples stations if not for Chuck's getting it out there.

            I do have a suggestion. Anyone who has Groomers Helper, go watch your tape or DVD again, and do that every few months. You likely will have forgotten something else that you can do to eliminate the struggles.
            Then when you see Chuck at a convention stop and take the time to watch him again. You'll be glad you did.
            Money will buy you a pretty good dog but it won't buy the wag of it's tail.


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              Helly and I were the first two of Chuck's guinea pigs, and I can definitely say that it is a BLAST and a half!!! I went to Super Zoo (thanks again, Chuck!) and it really opened my eyes to what the wonderful world of grooming conventions/expos are! WOW!

              I got to see that lovely poodle that was in the creative grooming competition that was turned into a beautiful peacock! Got to buy a few good deals, and most of all, got to hang out with Chuckles, a barrel of monkeys in a man-suit.

              Chuck, do you make it out to the Pet Pro Classic in Dallas? That will be my next scheduled event to attend next November.

              Tammy in Utah
              Groomers Helper Affiliate


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                Guinea pig? I was a guinea pig? Well if I was, I was a happy guinea pig. Oh what fun I had. I got to work with Chuckles and Beth, and meet their two gorgeous sons. And I ate Waaaaaay too much chocolate.

                I'm so hoping I can make it to Hershey again this year. If people around me will just stop breaking body parts.........