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  • Advice: Maltese New Style

    I have a maltese (I think poodle mix even though his momma likes to just call him a maltese), the groomer that used to do him did a teddy bear head and a #7 on his body. His daddy would like him to be longer (about half way to the floor, not all the way to the floor) with his head also longer than teddy bear. Have any of you ever done this conversion. Any suggestions? How long do you think he will look scraggly while his "layers" grow out? THANKS!!!

    This is the greatest bulletin board for groomers! I am getting so many great tips and advice! Ya'll ROCK!!!

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    Growing out will be a mess and unless they bring him in atleast every 2 weeks he probably won't make it. Anyways you will want to part his hair down the middle of his back then scissor up from the bottom (pretend you're trimming a skirt line on a terrier) and shape the legs. As for the head, trim the bangs across the front and touch up the beard every now and then.

    GOOD LUCK!!!


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      I'm in the process of growing out a new maltese client. As the other member mentioned, they have a standing appointment every two weeks.

      Time will tell how long they will be able to maintain it without wrapping the coat. That cottony soft maltese coat is the WORST for keeping it clean and tangle-free.


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        I groom one, Daisy, who does not get brushed (owner has MS) and she comes in once a month. A couple of tangles on the butt, but that's it. She was 3.5 inches or so in length until she finally got a haircut the other day. I think it looks great growing it out.

        Think about it: You did a #7 all over, it will grow out mostly even all over, making it much easier for you to do a Bath and tidy on.


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            For those Malteses that tend to matt in between grooms, add a couple of drops of coat oil to the conditioner. It not only helps you remove the matts, but when the dog matts between grooms, the matts are easier to brush out.


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              I always ask the client, "Who does the brushing?" I tell them, "He who does the brushing gets to decide the haircut!!" I had a lot of those husband/wife things where the husband never brushed the dog but really 'liked him long'...except that the dog kept coming in matted! A #7 strip is pretty yucky looking on a maltese type dog I will agree...."half way to the floor" might be pretty hard to remember to put conditioner in the coat for sure...and/or use the Stuff to try and make combouts in between grooming for the owner easier...


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                Yeah, that's easy as long as they keep him brushed. Just scissor until he grows out. Same thing your hairdresser does if you grow your hair out.


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                  I used to have a Maltese. When I got him I had to shave him with a #10 because he was so matted. Plus he was grey, I thought he was a Lhasa mix at first (he was a little big for a Maltese). I had to comb him every day, he always looked so scragly. It didn't take to long, only a couple months. From a #10 blade to where his hair was just and inch from the floor.

                  I've seen so many Maltese's with curly or wavy hair. I know few groomers that call them Curly Coated Maltese's. If they are hand dried, they come out looking normal but right after the bath they are curly and if let to dry on their own they look like a Poodle mix. I can never find any info on Maltese's with curly hair, so I just assume a Poodle was in the loft with a Maltese... LOL..... They are always white though, never any other color, which makes me wonder.


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                    What is coat oil?

                    Ok poodle pal what is coat oil and does it make a big difference as opposed to just conditioner and leave in spray?