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    Hi everyone!

    I have a new client coming that has a 13week old Havanese. She said her coat is about 3 inches long already, but wants it about 1 inch and in a puppy cut.

    I have never groomed a Havanese, or seen one in person for that matter so I am very excited. I'm not sure what to use on her though! HELP!!

    Thanks guys!

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    Just pretend it's a maltese poodle mix, lol. Seriously, I just groomed one, matted all over, but it brushed out pretty easily. I did that exact clip using a snap-on comb, but the dog was a spaz, especially in the tub.

    Good luck, they are cottony!

    Tammy in Utah
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      Very fine cottony coat, think maltese/yorkie, start longer than an inch and work your way down, the coat may surprise you, not much body


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        I hate, hate, hate havanese hair in a #1 puppy cut oh yuck. Boy oh boy they come in so many different sizes I do some that are smaller than my 7 lb cat and then some that are about 30 lbs. All different size and shaped heads but that part makes it fun to do what you want with their heads. Maybe I just don't get the ones with the right kind of hair for a #1. The one's I do look better way closer to natural or at least #3 blade.
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          I actually have 2 that I groom. So far, they have been wonderful dogs to groom. One gets an A comb body..with the long beard..the other gets taken down with a #1 comb.. both have a coarser type of coat and combs out easily. quite'll love 'em


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            I just groomed one too and used a #1 comb on the body, with a 1/2 comb reverse over the top of the head, and then scissored the head kind of round, although not round like a bichon. Their coat is cottony, but I think they fluff out so nice. The one I just did was an apricot, but I did also groom a black one where I used to work.
            don't find yourself up a creek without a poodle.


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              Havanese! WooHoo!

              They are supposed to look natural, but some elect to put them in a teddy bear cut for easy maintenance.

              Did you know that the breed standard allows for a tiny braid over each eye? I can never get anyone to let me do that....

              In the mean time, I practice on my powderpuff chinese crested. Someday someone will crack!



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                It's good to have a plan, but be careful there are different coat types, because as we saw in Westminster they also come corded ( which would be more of a bichon coat). I do 6 and 4 have coats like shih tzus , and 2 like a maltese. On my 2 favorite I do an A comb and two pony tails with bangs. So I guess you could say I groom mine like shih tzus.


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                    had havanese on monday....

                    i just groomed a havanese on monday that i've been doing since he was a baby .... he's probably about 6 months (maybe ...?) but he's been just feet & sanitary up until now, but mom wanted him a little shorter b/c of snow balls. I parted the coat to keep the havanese style & used an E comb ... it came out very nice & mom loved it.


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                      Right here on

                      Check it out!


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                        I LOVED that corded one at Westminster! I have never worked with a corded coat, but I think it makes them look distinguished and unique somehow.


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                          Not much left to say, I was going to mention the diff. coat types. you guys are on it!


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                            Thank you!!

                            She doesn't come for another week. Wish me luck!!