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what geib shears do you reccomend??????

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  • what geib shears do you reccomend??????


    ,im going to buy a pair next month cant wait,which ones do you all recommend,not something that will break the bank,and i like light weight shears,in my tools right now,i have roselines,heritage,kamisoris,and cheapos from ryans,i like to use the cheapos the best,but cant wait to buy my geibs
    thank you

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    I absolutely love my Geib Cheetah buttercut shears. I also love my Geib Slim J 88. Both have a short shank and really help the wrists


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      Geib Supergators are my absoute fave!...they're about $130- $150 (depending on length) I think... They're lightweight and long shanked...And of course the cut like a dream! expensive but totally worth it!


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        To bad you didn't go the tradeshow in Burbank this past weekend. Ed Geib was there and you could have tried his shears to see which one fit your hand the best.

        I have several pairs of Geib shears and love them all. They aren't inexpensive though.



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          It really depends on your needs. I LOVE my Avanti and Blue Breeze thinners (they are the best thinners). I like my Avanti because they are his lightest shears, they have tinier and finger holes. One of my Groomers LOVE his Blue Breeze but they are too heavy. It will really depend on your needs. If you call Ed or Bill (his eldest son) and tell them what shears you currently use and what you like and dislike about them they can help you find the right shear.


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            The Geib Gators are the lower end, and I don't care for them.

            The Crocodiles and Super Gators are my favorites, they're affordable but not "cheap," Cheetahs are supposedly very nice, though I've never tried them. I think the most popular, though, are the Super Gators.

            If you have small hands, the Crocodiles are nice.

            Tammy in Utah
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              Well, I've learned on this board that it's important to find something that fits YOUR hand. What might work for some won't work for others hands. If at all possible the best thing is to try them out first at a show, or the like.

              That being said I like the Geib Gator 88
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                My favorite Geib shear

                I would have to say my favorite of Geib's shears has always been the Cheetah's. (I have 6 of them) However, if you primarily do more finish type scissoring. (being mobile, most of my dogs are every 4 weeks or less so rarely have to do much to them each time) then I LOVE the new Crocodiles! They are VERY lightweight and cut like a dream but are not a heavy duty shear and Ed Geib will tell you that himself, they were made to be a finishing shear.
                I never liked the Katana's, they just didn't balance quite right in my hands and since the Cheetah's were about half the price of the Katana's my boss had and I liked the feel of them better, I started buying Cheetah's about 12 years ago. I have 2 of each type so I always have one when sending the other out for sharpening.


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                  If the short shank fits your hand I like the slimJ. It's lightweight enough for almost any coat, but still works well on something like a cocker with guard comb legs.