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try this with your vac systems

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  • try this with your vac systems

    for those of you that are not happy with the way your taxi vac/clipper vac hoses get in the way hang your hose/clipper cord above your head from the ceiling if you can. most people tell me that the hose/cord feels heavy and has a downward pull to it. if it is above your head you will never feel the downward pull.

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    Good tip- I do it myself except that I loop my hose around a large hook that's about 5 feet off the ground. It not only reduces the heaviness but it gets the dang thing out of the way. (I do this with my electrical cords also.)
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      Someone had suggested that to me when I got my Clipper Vac.

      I have a tote model and I keep it on the base of my table. What I did, was zip strip the hose up my grooming arm. Keeps the added weight from pulling on me, and also keep the extra hose out of my way.


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        here you go!

        This is Darlene's setup.

        Now if Icould get her to use it more.
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