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  • Nails Splitting

    I groomed a Newfie on Friday, and bumped in to the owner today. She told me the dog's nail split and bled all over her door mat later that day. I trimmed the dogs nails, but I'm very careful not to take too much off, as I'm paranoid of quicking them. I didn't notice a split while I was grooming her. This dog is diabetic. Could that have anything to do with it's nails not being in good condition?

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    Well, I'm not sure if diabetes will attribute to it. But, I can tell you that if the dog is digging he can split them. Did you notice him digging at the cage?
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      Any health conditions can make the nails much more brittle. Did they seem especially dry/crackly when you were clipping them. Could be he already had a weak nail that clipping aggravated.


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        Yes, diabetes can have a lot to do with it. Diabetes, in animals and humans, causes dry skin, dry, brittle hair, and dry, brittle nails, especially if it's not well controlled. That's why they make special lotions and foot creams for diabetics. The owner should discuss it with her vet. The diabetes may not be as well controlled as she thinks.


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            I told this lady to talk with her vet about the dry nails. I knew that diabetics had to pay special attention to feet, etc. and thought maybe there might be a connection. I didn't notice her nails crumbling as some do when I was clipping at them. I think she must have just got it caught on something, and they're dry and it doesn't take much.