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Problem With Homemade Bathing System??

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  • Problem With Homemade Bathing System??

    This thread came about after reading a past one about homemade items. I made my own homemade bathing system. I’ve never used one before, so I didn’t really know what to expect. I bought a 1/6 hp pump that moves 30 gpm. The problem I’ve run into is it doesn’t seem to have the pressure that I was expecting. I’ve watched the demonstration videos on Hanvey’s and Hydrosurges website and you can really see the dogs coat being moved around. Has anyone had this problem with a homemade unit? I used it on both my dogs and the water turned dark so I know it was removing dirt, but I would call it a hydromassage like some of the other companies advertise that you can do with their product. It seems that I have way more pressure out of my faucet than with this unit. It was made to where I could attach a garden hose, and I purchased a garden hose attachment. Should I be using something else? Any advise would greatly be appreciated.

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    sometimes a homemade unit is not all its cracked up to be. Thats why the others are so pricey, but worth it!


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      I think I solved the problem, the sprayer attachment I had on it had tiny holes. I think it was too constricting and the water was having trouble flowing through, therefore it seemed like there was no force or pressure behind the water.


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        I found a nice sprayer for my home made pump bather at Lowe's.... It resembles a showerhead but was in the section with the garden hose attachments. I think it was around $5..... Works awesome. Nice volume and pressure--good penetration and seperation of the coat.....