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    Helly, and others, I called to see how Beau is and Candice is not having me in March. Apparently Beau licked his bellie and butt raw...said it made him throw up. Ode thing he was not red when I ledft and puppy (same blade) is fine. She has no clue how we groom. Her father died after last grooo, but she always scheduled too far out at 8-9 weeks. They do not brush or do not do it thoropughly. I took bellie up higher due to matts w/ #40. I know too close but vets do it for neuteres /spays. I think the one nick on penis escalatedto a cerpet/licking disaster. Offered money back. No she said. Probably thinks I live in cardboard box or somethaing. They have a custom mill $ home. Her hubby is angry too. Mobile down street has cancer, I don't think she is working..cheaper cuznot even half mile away. Funny thing...once a groomer ( me for sure) messes up, they are more careful than a new person. However if any of you took over, Beau would probably be fine. You can't teach people the importance of scheduling more often and how dematting bellie/chest causes brush burns ,so I cut too close. Why? for some reason #10 #15 new out of box and oiled aren't cutting w/ Ivac. will try Susie my 3x

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    A lot of groomers are having trouble with brand new blades not cutting right out of the box. The factory edge is not good, and the blade, unfortunately at your expense, needs to be sent to a good sharpener. I have this problem a LOT with Andis.

    I believe some of the companies may take their blades back and sharpen them for you, but not sure, that's a question for another person. I will be buying all of my blades from The Blade Guyz from now on because they sharpen the blade before they send it to me.

    Just something to keep in mind.

    #40 blade on the belly? I might do it with a vac system, because then I could SKIM, as long as I like, so long as the dog is still. If your #10's don't work, you don't have a lot of options, though you could use a #7 VERRRRRRRRRY carefully, but I would NOT use them on the dog's genitals, that is my personal preference. But when you have a vac system you have the luxury of not only skimming, but skimming with the hair being pulled up and away from the skin. Sorry about your recent bad luck.

    Tammy in Utah
    Groomers Helper Affiliate


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      I think at this point you just accept it and move on. Let the client go if that's how they feel. You certainly shouldn't put yourself in a position of begging them to come back.

      I lost a client last year because a vet told her I'd clipper burned her dog. I knew it wasn't clipper burn; the dog had hot spots under some mats when he walked in the door. When I clipped the mats out, I saw he was developing hot spots, so I clipped them close to make it easier for the vet to locate them, and easier for the client to treat them. I tried to explain that to the client twice. But she wasn't listening. So I just let it go.

      You've apologized, you've called to check on the dog, you've offered to refund the price of the groom. What more can you do? In my opinion, nothing. Forgive yourself and move forward.

      As the old saying goes; There are none so blind as those who will not see.


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        I don't think I have ever used a 40 blade in 22 yrs grooming because they scare me. I have seen the way that surgery dogs burn when the vets do them so I don't even try! Was the matting to bad that you couldn't use another blade (30, 15, or 10) or did you say these blades were dull? I can't Sorry these customers won't let you "make ammends". Live and learn and hope tomorrow is a better day!
        SheilaB from SC


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          I have had problems with brand new 30 blades being so sharp right out of the box that they made scratches and sent them back for new ones and then had trouble with 10 blades I had sharpened causing scratches and immediately brought them back and sometimes just particular dogs are sensitive to even a 10 blade and will develop a rash a day or two later. I have an article to this effect that irritations aren't alway immediately visible but there are those few people who will blame you if their dog has gas after grooming and those that know there dogs are sensitive and allow you time to correct the problem by doing it differently next time. Too bad she's the first of the two. I had a bichon yesterday who's belly got irritated just from me combing out matts and was licking at itself so I was able to tell the owner to make sure and put something on there when he got home


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            Mustluvdogs, you did everything you could to make amends. Sometimes things like this happen and you have to walk away knowing you tried your best to "fix" the problem.

            Don't let it get you down, tomorrow is another day.


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              Spikey and guys

              First, let me say...i didn't post the skeleton but sure appropiiate...also lost rest of you see ended funny. The 10 & 15 are new Laube to go witj Ivac attached to clipper Vac Romani original inventer. I did skim. but end little tooth was chipped. nicked pee pee. rest and but dog did. I do butties w/ 40 to hole not across up or down. No probs. I have to figure I am spared something worse. They realy aren't friends...they are clients and I can be repolaced. I will send her a note and offer Karen.from APPGA award winner. I have only had this happen two iothwr times in all these years. Dogs are carpet scooters days later and we get heck for it. Yorkie lady lost Para son same week got stuck in wheelchair outside died in Az heat.No reasoning w/ that situation! Other 11 or more yrs ago used disinfectant inLaube blades that don't cut very well stead of shampoo in Shis Tzu. Went to see dog.saw no signs of problem.Laube blades were new /old found in box at Ryans reconditioned,reboxed sold $8 ea. good deal IF they would cut. I used Oster Gator something#40. Today Poopie Susie, I used Laube #10 n belly and Oster #40 on pads, sanp on body. Who can read #s if any. Just go by look of snap on .How ironic, just got call from Candices' friend to groom her dog.Told her, wqs srtill willing to try me or Karen. Asked price..said she would call me right back. Lets see if she does. How much does it cost anyway? I also said every 4-5 weeks not 9. Told her about B matted tummy.Candice would say Off with her head! Glad we were not groomers in Joan of Arkor Salem witchburning days! I'd be long gone.....


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                Sorry for this to happen to you, remember you can't please everyone. If you did what is right then rest assured she will not be happy anywhere else either. There are some people who just LOVE to complain and point the blame.

                Make friends with a vet. My vet... I love. If anyone ever accuses one of my groomers of something they MUST take their pet to my vet Free of Charge for a diagnoses. My vet doesn't charge me for the diagnoses.


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                  You can't please everyone. I would not lose any sleep over this. We have all lost clients.
                  If your dog is fat, you are not getting enough exercise!


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                    I use 40 blades all the time, no problem 'knock on wood' with no clipper burn.Dont fret about it.


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                      Originally posted by sheilabgroomer View Post
                      I don't think I have ever used a 40 blade in 22 yrs grooming because they scare me. I have seen the way that surgery dogs burn when the vets do them so I don't even try!
                      I've seen surgery dogs with clipper irritation too. It's because techs and vets are not trained in the proper use/angle of a clipper with a 40 or 50 blade on it. It's usually not the blade, it's the operator.

                      I conducted a 15 minute lesson on how to clip a surgery site at the vet clinic I used to work for. Clipper irritation was reduced by about 95% once they learned the proper angle, and how much pressure to apply.


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                        This is a situation I worry about with the OAY dogs that come in. I've had to use a 30 on undercarriages and badly matted penises, etc. No problems so far( knock on wood), but you can't tell if there are preexisting skin issues on some of these matted dogs until you get that pelt off them. I'm considering getting owners to sign a matted dog release when they're bad; something where the owner acknowledges this.


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                          I used to use a 40 all the time, but have lately been trying to use a thirty instead. It seems that the forty blades are constantly chipping teeth because they are so small. I think that the thirty blade works just about as well on feet, and even better under comb attachments. I too would be a little cautious about using a 40 on a belly. But you have to remember too that some dogs can just be hyper sensitive with razor rash, I mean I have some dogs that I have to use a 3 on their belly because they rash with anything closer. In any case, I think that you did all that you could, and that you should just chalk this up to one of those things that you can't really help. Nothing to worry about.
                          Scratch a dog and you'll find a permanent job. ~Franklin P. Jones


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                            Originally posted by mustluvdogs1 View Post
                            I do butties w/ 40 to hole not across up or down. No probs. .

                            Told her about B matted tummy.Candice would say Off with her head! Glad we were not groomers in Joan of Arkor Salem witchburning days! I'd be long gone.....

                            Wow a 40 for the are brave, I'd stick with a 10 if I were you.
                            I wouldn't have told her friend about beau, it seems like you're talking behind your clients back, esp to her friend. She may have had her friend call to see what you would say....what part of Az are you in??


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                              It's not the blades.

                              Stop blaming yourself and find a solution.

                              Go slower on the tummy. What happens when floating the fine hair on the belly (sanitary areas) do not cut but the clippers "pull" the hair out. This causes the dog to be irritated and start licking the area.

                              It was not the clipper that gave the dog the burn but his own tounge. They can lick themselves raw with their tounge and a secondery infection can set in. Laying on their bellies on dirty carpeting also does not help.

                              Go slower, much slower and use some kind of "after shave" or soothing cream after this. We use "Dermosol" and always advise the customer to watch the pet. If they are licking their bellies to use "Dermosol" or if inflamed a "Antibiotic with cortizone" to take the itch out and prevent the secondary infection from blowing up.