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What are you favorite scissors?

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  • What are you favorite scissors?

    What brand of straight scissors and curved scissors do you prefer and how expensive are they?

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    I love my Kenchi straight 8 1/2 " shears. They are so smooth, quiet and do not bend hair at all. They were originally $325, but the model was being discontinued, so I got them for 1/2 price at a show. I now want a pair of curved ones.

    I also like my Talyn curved shears. They cost me around $125 I believe.

    I also like my Geib shears which cost around $60 each. They really are a workhorse.
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      I have Geib Crocodiles, and I really like them. They fit my hand well (which is an important part of choosing scissors I've learned from these boards).

      I have the Roselines but no longer like them as much, though I LOOOVE the Roseline thinners I have. Roselines are around $70 each, while the Geibs were around $140.

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        I love Monks.... I have had some of my pairs for over 12 years and they cut like theyre brand new.....I think I paid $50-60 each pair.


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          I personally would like to know the difference between an 80/pair and 300/pr? I think I have a pair of monks and they cut just as nicely as my Geibs...actully I like them better...8 1/2 curved balltip...


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            I have a pair of dubl duck straight that i just LOVE...they cost a little over 55 i think. I don't use curved much.
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              I love Geib- the difference is your metals and the sharpness they hold as well as how well the resharpen (this comes from Ed Geib who makes and sell $50 and $500 pairs of shears). I am a firm believer in getting GOOD thinners!!!


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                Like CountryCanines,my Monks are the best.....I love my 10 inch straight and they are regularly sharpened by Jeff at NorthernTails (I have 3 pair and use them in cycle) I think they were around 70 dollars


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                    I see so many good comments about Monks But I tell ya if the pair I have will hold an edge for two weeks after they are sharpened they are doing good.
                    I have a pair of Arius Eckharts(sp?) that I like a lot, they were around $90 I think.



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                      fav scissors

                      my all time favs are Geib's. they run about $250 for longs but the balance, light feel and smooth motion are worth every penny


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                        Roseline curves...dbl duck straight....I bought a pair of Geibs, but everytime I used them , they cut so easily, I had visions of cutting through the dog's skin, they freaked me out! The key is getting someone to sharpen and balance them correctly!


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                          Another Geib fan here!


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                            Kamisori's... Love them, so light & pefect ballance, plus the cut like a hot knife through butter & I still havent had to get any of them sharpened (there all about 10-12 Months old)
                            Also Love my Talyn keyhole thinners


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                              geibs here too

                              I use only Geib shears. I have used many of the others ( another nice thing about working in a shop years ago with many groomers, we got to try things out that others might love to see if we also liked them or not before purchasing) I just was not happy with any of the others that I tried.
                              I have 2-8.5" Cheetah curves, 2-8.5" Cheetah straights, 1-9.5" super phil, 1-9.5" super phil curve, 2-Cheetah thinners, 1-10" Crocodile straight, 1-10" Crocodile curve and a Crocodile thinner.

                              I originally went from Oster shears to Geib Gators and couldn't believe the ease and time saved by upgrading my shears. A few years later I got to hold each of the Geib line and preferred the balance of the Cheetah. (my boss bought the Katanas and ended up borrowing my Cheetahs all the time) I again saw my grooming improve in both quality and speed. I have used Cheetah's every since as my primary shear, but this past November, I got a set of Crocodiles and WOW! I love the light weight and they are a great shear. I find myself using the straights on front legs of almost any dog now.

                              The keys to any good shear are first off, it must fit YOUR hand and second, hold a very nice edge.

                              I have held a pair of Les Pooch shears that cost $1800.00/pr. They moved with absolutely no effort just as smooth as could be, but were thinner than what I prefer in a shear. (maybe just what I am used to I guess) And they really didn't fit my hand well. While I do feel you usually do get what you pay for between $50-$500 shears, I can't bring myself to spend $500 let alone $1800.