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Pamperedpups-where's those pictures?

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  • Pamperedpups-where's those pictures?

    I am anxiously awating some pictures of your corded poodle. I am really looking forward to it, so hurry up, ok? lol
    don't find yourself up a creek without a poodle.

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      Originally posted by pamperedpups View Post
      LOL Okay, okay... but it might take a few days. For whatever reason, our computer will not upload pics. from my digital camera. Just know I'm working on it for ya!

      As an aside, Phillipe and I went to McDonalds a bit ago and everyone in the store had to come to the drive thru window to see him. "Wow... is that his real hair?!" "Is it braided?" "How'd you do that?!" and most importantly, "Who's his groomer??"
      LOL, I get the McDonald's people coming to the window too. "Oh, he is sooo cute. Do you take him everywhere? (Yeah, pretty much!). Can he have an ice cream?"

      Your corded poodle reminds me of my coworker's friend. She has dredlocks. I tease her that I really would like to "de-mat" her, and she always reminds me, "But it's supposed to look like that!" (She doesn't understand my need to have her all brushed out and neatly trimmed). LOL

      Tammy in Utah
      Groomers Helper Affiliate