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    Hey guys,

    In the UK its National Pet Month between 7th april - 7th may, its a charity event supporting national and local charities you can choose who you want to support. I've sent off for info and there are no groomers in my area or anywhere near participating, infact all over the UK its mainly vets and dog walkers involved with either with health checks or sponsored dog walks.

    I'd really like to get involved and would like to hear any ideas you have, please bear in mind that at the moment I am grooming from home or doing house-based calls but I would be prepared to put the money in to organize a day event somewhere if I had a good enough idea! I also assist a dog training classes to KC standard but the instructor is too bogged down in further education to train police dogs at the mo to help out, and i am nearing the end of a dog psychology course I am studying.

    Any ideas how little they seem very much appreciated!