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  • Mobile but asking Helly

    Yes clipper or carpet burned two three hrs after i left on peepyesterday I was one half hr. late to very nice shsh Tzu owner..done 3-4 times. Bear not neutered yet..pup black. Beau adult. white and tan. I used my new Ivac on both Beau first. I do use #40 on bellies,,,I know shouls be #10 or 15 closest. lazy cuz I also do inside ear . Not in know. Pads of feet, and bridge lightly. not shaved and ooops under tail. Close and hi on pee pee nearchest. Long time since done death in family near 12/22. Then the black pup. Snap ons both except 40 where I should have used 10. did both same except Pup shorter body. Beau fuller head and torso..closer tummy so she said. She refers to clippers as sheers. i told her sheers are scissors clippers have blades..with plastic snap on. I didn't want to condfuse her w/ Whal metal ones. Beau is now but burned, pee pee I know 40 end tooth broken..saw later. Under tail I told her sorry of course. Use cold ice water to soothe while other person goes to get Noxzema. goiod on irritation. Beau 1st. pup second..did sme he ok. Do yiu think some was carpet burn? They ruff-house a lot. Is my blade hot cuz Laube Ivac blade faster/ Never hot w/ Oster. Offered tip back or free baths .. Not wht she wants..just what to do...says hes throwing up/ can a clipper burn cause this? Or can he have valley fever now? She thought contageous. ABSOLUTELY not! People just don't know. Valley fever is not ever contageous. Lots of dust new freeway mess. spores in dust thru air. what do you think is my part in this. She says she will keep me...likes me.Good tipper. Pays big...can afford. I'd do anything to keep her happy.

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    In my experience, clipper burn isn't from a hot blade. I've tried to get a blade hot enough to burn skin, and can't do it. Not in the amount of time a blade is in contact with the skin during grooming. It's a friction burn, same as a carpet burn. And I like to use plain Vaseline, applied very lightly, or Bag Balm. Anything that lubricates and soothes the skin.

    The vomiting? No, I don't think any type of clipper irritation or burn could contribute to vomiting. If the dog is vomiting food, or continues to vomit overnight, it needs to be seen by a vet. Could be anything, from eating bad food to a blockage to a GI infection of some sort. Tell the client you aren't a vet, and aren't qualified to diagnose anything. Seek the advice of a vet.


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      Thanks Helly

      Funny how a pup...even tho black fur isn't as skin sensitive did not get clipper burn and Beau did. Always used same #40. I have new plastic little drawers.. see at walgreens $store and long baskets used for forks etc. i love little plastiscbaskets.. anyway have all new just opened laube blades. Use clipper vac to skim..not touch tummys. But I think I had betyter get that #10 out and use broken-end tooth #40 for snapons only. She knows I am stressed about Traveler. She lost her daddy as she called him..I saw him that lastvisit..would not know to see him ..They knew..I knew. So she knows I am not myself.I will check with her tomorrow. You know how vets can make us look bad.Maybe I need to oil them more.....CV keeps blades cool in my experience.