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  • Chat Room Update

    The all new chat room will come up shortly after the contest ends 2/15. It's super easy and fast through our tests so far. You will be able to use your same user name and password here.

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    Very cool, excited to see it.

    Tammy in Utah
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      Can't Wait.

      Thank You for all your hard work and effort to keep the grooming community together thru this Wonderful Board. I can't wait for the chat room.


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        The Chat Room...

        I've always gone in the chat's just too bad not many people actually go in the chat room. Sometimes you have to sit there and lurk and wait for others to show up. Sometimes they do, sometimes they don't.

        Stephen Note: The new one is going to be so simple to access I think a lot more people are going to use it.


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          looking forward to it!!
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            I've never been in a chat room.


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                I can only hope that the rude comments that I've been seeing won't be made live in chat! be a free for all! brother! stephen...are you referring? LOL Im just going to sit on the side of the ring see who jumps in! LOL

                Stephen Note: No referees. We do get a printed script daily and can ban the people that go too far from the board and chat both. In the past we have had very very little problem, and all boards have some rude comments on occasion.


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                  New Chatroom!!! Yay! Now I'm excited.
                  I've been going to the chatroom for a long time. If I'm online here I'm more than likely in there. Sometimes I forget to keep it conect it but I'm there just not signed in. Anyways , there are rarely any fights or arguments.


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                    I look forward to it

                    I like chatting, but sort of didn't get a round tuit. If it is real easy, maybe we'll all visit more. You know you can just join in and have a good time. If somehing is said that is not liked, first say that, cause sometimes intentions are not read right. Then if not seeming good, jump out, then jump in later.

                    Rudeness seems to be very popular now, wittness American Idol. I continue to be socially unacceptably kind and compassionate, hee hee, but every once in a while I can get angry and oops.
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                      I enjoy chat rooms a great deal, and used to have a lot of fun in our old one. The current chat room does not seem to be compatible with my computer for some reason. I've tried everything, and it's a no go.

                      Hope my 'puter likes the new one better.


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                        Originally posted by dogtnkd View Post
                        Thank You for all your hard work and effort to keep the grooming community together thru this Wonderful Board. I can't wait for the chat room.
                        Chat Room Update Update: It will be here this week, the last week of March. It is probably one of the most unique chat boards you've ever seen. I don't know if I will put up all the features at first, but you can even make drawings with your mouse and post a drawing, sketch. Later we will add video to it. I think we all need a learning curve. Nice thing many will like is that this Chat Room doesn't require JAVA language so far more compatability.