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Comb ? for hairdressers turned groomer.

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  • Comb ? for hairdressers turned groomer.

    I have had people tell me that they've cut their dog with human clippers and give me a comb number they used, which definitely doesn't correspond with the ones we use.

    I have a poodle that I'm doing in a couple of weeks. She told me that they used a human 4 comb clip. Can anyone tell me what length that would be?
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    #4 leaves the hair a half inch. Of course it's different for all combs. Some are done in centimeters, some are done in inches and others are just numbered. It all depends on who makes them. I'd say ask them to bring in the comb when they bring the dog in and then try to size it.


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      Make sure you ask when the dog was groomed last. If you have been grooming for awhile you should know about how much hair your average dog grows in 4, 5 or 6 weeks. Then you can figure out how much hair to take off. I usually leave them a little longer the first time, then I can make it shorter next time.
      Good Luck.


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          Both blades and combs for human styling are numbered differently than the same items for dog grooming. And the only reason I can think of is to fool people into thinking there's a difference, so they can charge more for the human variety.

          The easiest way to solve the dilemma is to take a quick trip to Sally's and ask to see a #4 comb. Maybe take a few of your own combs with you, so you can compare.