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5skip and pomeranian!

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  • 5skip and pomeranian!

    i was so excited after reading the post on using skip tooths and how they're great for shaping back end feathers and under the tail that i decided to try it today on a pomeranian and ill be darned if the back of the dog (under the tail) didnt end up looking flat -- straight line from the top of the booty to the hocks. then the back seemed disproportionately fluffy, so i tried blending with the 5 skip to make a more gradual slope into the legs and it got worse and worse!! the hair above the tail on the back got shorter and shorter. then i had to try to blend that shortened hair into the other hair on the back... oh i vow to leave poms and shelties alone and natural with their nice puffy thighs from now on!! maybe i was too enthusiastic about using the 5skip and i should be more delicate. i tell you what, i felt bad about how it turned out. i still feel sort of sick about it. i need to let these things go and learn and thats it.

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    1st rule of grooming:

    If it looks good leave it alone!!

    have you tried using att combs?? "0" and "a" combs work great on poms, shelties, goldens, ect.


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      So you were just trying to skim only? I have been getting better at skimming and I will do it on dogs like the pom, sheltie, keeshond etc. but not alot, I still like to finish with scissoring.

      I skim by just getting the whispy hair off rather than taking down anything below the whispy areas.

      Maybe you can practice on dogs that will be scheduled for a shave down. Thats what I did.


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        Originally posted by baddog View Post
        1st rule of grooming:

        If it looks good leave it alone!!

        have you tried using att combs?? "0" and "a" combs work great on poms, shelties, goldens, ect.
        2nd Rule of grooming:

        If you ignored Rule #1 and you are not getting the look you want, stop what you are doing!! lol You need to stand back, see what can be done to "fix it" and do that. I would have put down the skip tooth and picked up a pair of scissors to finish shaping up.

        3rd Rule of grooming:

        Learn from Rules 1 and don't beat yourself up, we all have our ooopsies!
        SheilaB from SC


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          Snap ons here too

          I use snap on combs for poms too. Actually I don't think I've ever used a skip on a pom. Maybe there's a way to do it, but I've had good luck with snap ons. I always touch up then with scissoring. When it comes to learning - there are good turnouts and not so good ones - it's part of learning. So know you know what not to do. I've done things before, that I think afterwards I will never do again that way. It's a learning process. I can't imagine in grooming I'll ever come to a point where there's nothing ever to learn anymore.


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            Combs and scissors are the only thing I would use on that area, and mostly just the scissors.

            We all learn by our mistakes, thank goodness.
            "There is no psychiatrist in the world like a puppy licking your face."


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                ah yes. you got to know when to fold 'em know when to walk away.... !!!! i like to believe im learning!


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                  I've never heard of skimming with a skip tooth. Things that make you go, "Hmmm..."

                  I usually scissor it off, or if I want it shorter, I use a comb, then scissor it. Well, you live and you learn, don't freak out about it. If you're that worried about it, call the owners and offer to do a bath or something until it grows out. Most people like honesty, and if they see that you're "worried" about it, they'll often think that is very thoughtful, at least that's how I've experienced it where I live.

                  Tammy in Utah
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                    I always use a 7 to just trim the feathering.just lightly go over the edges.thats how i was taught and seems to look great to me!!


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                      I like to scissor and thinning shear to tidy up rears-that kind of coat is fun to scissor. Skimming, I would use a 7 or 7F. Know what you mean about a little more! I do that on ears sometimes-oops, not even, oops, now too short, until I've cut off more than I intended. Even after all these years! This is truly a learn by doing job, but at least you're not afraid to try something new, and that's how we learn and grow in our skills. .....and rule #5 don't sweat the small stuff, hair always grows back!
                      Old groomers never die, they just go at a slower clip.

                      Groom on!!!