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  • Intergroom

    Just a quick post to see whos planning on attending Intergroom? Who's going for classes and whos going to compete?.....the Intergroom website is up now with all of the show info. Check it out!!!.....some great classes are being offered!!

    The Extreme Makeover contest this year has a neat have to take one breed and leave with a completely different one.....for example you arrive with a poodle and transform it into a bedlington or Kerry Blue

    Its going to be an awesome weekend as always! So who's going?

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    I will be going and taking classes, just havn't decide which classes yet.


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      I only competed last year and was very disappointed at not being able to see anything. I'm hoping to go this year, maybe compete, probably not. I'm trying to go mobile this spring, and I have NO idea when it will happen (business plan is taking a long time to be proofread by SBDC). I'm paying everything by ear. I'm REALLY like to make it, to at least get supplies at a good price, maybe get in a class or 2. I'd also like to finally meet some of the forum people. Is there an internet social there? Or a mobile event?


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        I will be there. I booked my room at the Marriott. I am not going to any thing in particular.
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          I'm going and competing with my std poodle. Hopefully I'll have a better showing than last year. Definately won't win or anything, I just want to be happy with my groom when I look at the pictures of it. I'm about to go look at the classes now, and will be staying over instead of driving back and forth like I did last year...that was foolish. I can't wait!!
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            I'm going to take the all day poodles class, on Friday. I can't wait to go.


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              I went last year and stayed at the Marriott. Wow what a beautiful room! Have to wait for Hershey this year. Hope to see some of you there.


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                I'll be there!

                I registered a while back. Don't think I'll stay over, it's only about an hour away for me. I took the CPA exam at the Exhibit Center! But I would make the drive down on Friday night if we could agree on a hotel lounge to meet up in and have our own little reception!

                This will be my first event- I'm so excited!



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                  I'll be there too!!!

                  I will be competing and I am really nervous. I am using a client's incredible looking white st. poodle who keeps rolling in the mud and creating matts all over the place, so I hope he still has a coat left in April. I also will be doing my own puli, but his coat is not great either, of course I own the only puli that I have ever seen that does not have a great coat.

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                    The annual NJ Mobile Groomers dinner is set for Saturday night, during InterGroom. For details see the meetings and get-togethers forum on this board.We always have a great turnout with some of the nicest people you could hope to meet. Hope you can make it!


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                      I'm going and it will be my first so not sure what to expect but I'm sure it will be lots of fun.


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                        I'm thinking of going to the all day poodle class on Friday and then want to do some of the classes Saturday and Sunday but want to save time to watch some of the competitions and for shopping of course. I'm in Connecticut so I will have to stay over for at least two nights. I haven't made reservations yet but I love the Marriot.