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Teaching puppies to stand up

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  • Teaching puppies to stand up

    Does anyone have any ideas for puppies or even some older dogs who every time you try to pick up a leg or even just scissor around a foot or leg with it in place naturally on a table and the dogs just panick and flatten themselves onto the table and try to lay down, curl into a ball or try to scurry for their lives anywhere but near you. How do you scissor these dogs. Some of them never seem to learn to or don't want to stand. Do you just give them a "good enough groom"? I did a puppy today who even with the loop around her neck where it should have made her stand she would've rather try and strangle herself with it then stand up. My co-worker says probably cause she's a toy poodle that gets carried around by her elderly owners she's not much for standing up. This was only the puppies third grooming so I'm hoping maybe she'll get the idea.

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    Sometimes I wonder the same thing. What can I do to get this dog to stand up and let me finish it.

    With puppies for the first couple of visits if it acts this way I just do the best I can. I don't want to stress it out too much, (what is too much) by forcing it through the groom. I don't want it to leave with a bad experience and be afraid to be groomed. I work a lot slower and really use a lot of patience with these guys, which I'm sure you do too.

    Others will have a lot more advice for you. I just do what I can.
    "There is no psychiatrist in the world like a puppy licking your face."


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      I try to leave a little slack in the noose, esp if the dog has yet to be leash trained. if you see the dog starting to sit, put your hand up infront of it's nose(like you have a treat) to make it move forward a little .


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        This might be difficult to explain but.... I make it fun the entire time they're in the shop.
        Always,"Good Girl!", keeping them occupied with how "Good you are!"
        Young puppies,I take one hand under the chest,the other under the butt and stand them up...........I then gently slide them back and forth on the table so their feet feel the table top the whole time. This gives them a little more dimension of the size of the tabletop and reduces their fear of falling from a high area. This works for me and it's just my opinion


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          Start telling them what you want them to do. "Stand. Good dog!" and "Stand. Stay, staaay staaaaaaay. Good dog!" They'll learn (fairly quickly) what the words mean. You can also ask their owners to practice "Stand" at home.

          If you don't have a Groomer's Helper, here's a trick we used to use for the dogs who want to spread all 4 out to the sides and flatten out; put a frozen orange juice container under their belly.

          More tricks; lift the tail. A quick flick with your fingers from base to tip. Repeat it several times. Use your fingers like a dog uses his nose, and put just a slight pressure on the tuck up. It's a natural relaxation point. Do this while you're saying "Stand. Staaaay."


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            When the puppy sits, I stand them back up quickly without a lot of "attention" and say "No!" quickly but firmly and keep working. After a few times they GET IT. They are smart and they learn.

            The last shop I worked at, the dogs that were not old or arthritic were required to stand until the grooming was finished. It worked well for them.

            Tammy in Utah
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              Yep to Allan ,Helly and Tammy.. I do more like Allan with bits of Helly/Tammy thrown in. Never had a problem yet, have a new cocker pup on Thurs. this week. Matter of fact I get all the pups at our shop I just have more patience.


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                Yeah, get most of the puppies too there's just those rare few who hate standing up. I don't like to push them but my co-worker's do it differently. I have the groomers helper but for this one puppy she just kept trying to still lay down and just about hang herself, so I give her a good as it gets. I am the only one in my shop who tells them when they are doing what I want. Good puppy, Good puppy most of my co-workers just keep telling them NO, NO but never tell them when they get it right. I'll have to try Allan's idea too. When you put your hand under this one's belly and say stand she sticks her head down and hiney in the air. I don't see how they can learn without the positive re-inforcement. Most people work with their puppies at home this just happens to be a couple in their 70's so don't expect they want to do anymore than cuddle and spoil the little cutie that's okay with me at their age cause their not real picky about her haircut and they come in every 4 weeks.


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                  you can also slip a plastic tub of sorts under their belly so they can't go down.
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                    I know this works cuz teaching puppies to stack on the table for showing is a continued effort as a breeder. We have puppies every year and teaching them to stack has to be fun......or they'll never get it.Mind you,all puppies are not show puppies


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                      Patience, patience

                      Glad you asked this 'cause I have plenty of dogs that don't want to stand -- but then again I groom at peoples' home with no GH, no grooming table, no loop, etc. etc. -- sometimes just on the kitchen sink. But constantly telling them to stand while lifting them up usually gets them to cooperate. Just takes a lot of patience or holding them up with one hand. Then again, I only groom small dogs so it's easier.....???