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  • What nerve!!!!!!!

    I called to confirm an appt for a long time customer(7 years) . She informed me that she will no longer be coming to the shop b/c of what "happened" to her dogs last time. .... I was shocked and confused....I asked what she meant. She was in before Christmas with her 2 dogs , everything went as usual....She told me she had to bring her dogs to the vet (last week) one had an ear infeection and the other had an absessed cyst on it's foot. I told her I was sorry to hear that but, what does that have to do with me??? She told me the vet said it must have happened at the groomers!! AAARRRGGGHHH! I can't tell you how that pisses me off, some vets have nerve trying to put the blame on groomers, when, her dogs haven't been to the shop in over a month! I tried to tell her the two couldn't possibly be related but, she insisted the "vet said'....well I told her to do what she wanted, but if she chooses to go to another groomer don't come crying back to me whan they screw up your dogs (and they will) and hung up! That vet cost me $200 every five weeks!
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    When I took Toby in to the vet for his ear infection (this is a new vet). The vet looked at his right ear, said "looks great" left ear, said "that sure is an infection. When was he last groomed?" grrrrrrrr I informed him that I was his groomer! Now in all honesty I don't know if his ears were bad before I groomed him (he was a rescue dog that I had groomed) or not, because they were so full of hair. I hadn't plucked them, I wanted the vet (different one) to do that when he had been taken in to be neutered. He hadn't done it. I had tried to pluck the hair out when we had finally adopted him. I was able to get it out of one ear but he wouldn't let me to it to the other. I happened to notice that it was red and smelly.
    I was just a little upset that right away he would blame it on the groomer! grrrr I think I will be looking for another vet, again.
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      You said "Dont come crying to me when another groomer screws up your dog"????????

      Er.... I don't think that was the best plan.. and not very professional. I think you should have just told her that you are sure nothing happened at your shop, you are really sorry she feels that way but should she need you again you are there. Also that you would be calling her vet to find out what the confusion was and why he would think such a thing. If he did


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        That did sound a little harsh to tell the client. I would have probably said that an ear infection can not be caused by grooming, an abscess can not be caused by grooming either. If anything would have "happened" during their last groom I would have immediately informed you, but they came in healthy and happy and left healthy, happy, and unharmed. I am sorry that your vet thinks other wise but they don't always have a reason a pet gets and ear infection, or an abscess. The truth is ear infections can be caused by a number of things, allergies, yeast, bacteria, etc, and abscesses can be caused by bites from other pets, snake bites, bee stings, any puncture wound that gets left untreated. So I don't see how it is fair for your vet to blame me for both of these problems, when he has no idea how they actually occurred. If you ever need my services in the future feel free to call me.


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          You really need to remember that what the vet said and what the client heard can be two different things. I would have asked her if she would mind if I called her vet and spoke with him/her, as I'm sure there's some confusion over what and when things happened.

          You also need to remember that you're a service provider, and people have the right to avail themselves of your service, or not, for whatever reason. I've had bad meals in restaraunts, and told them I wasn't satisfied and wouldn't be back. Some of them have gone out of their way to make things right, some haven't. But none of them have told me not to come crying to them the next time I get hungry!


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            Call the vet

            Why Not call the vet and ask how he/she came to this conclusion? Don't be on the offense because the vet may have NOT said anything just the client. I had a client who brought her dog in TWICE in 1 year and had the nerve to call my shop to tell us that the VET said her dog had skin problems because of us. I looked up her file and found who her vet was (he is my vet), called the vet and she hadn't even been to the vet in almost 1 year.


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              Baddog, I can understand why you responded the way you did, after all, she was a little bit "not nice" herself. However, now you've really blown it, lol.

              She WONT come crying back to you because of her pride. After that comment to her, she'd probably rather take her pets to the worst joint in town before taking them to you because her pride wont allow YOU to be right.

              It comes down to communication. I would have said, "oh my gosh, why didn't you tell me about the ear sooner? It can happen sometimes when you're working with water on a moving pet." And then as far as the abcess, I would have just asked more questions and somehow wiggled around a way to point out that it just "CAN'T" happen during a groom.

              I disagree that an ear infection can't be caused by grooming; it can. And it does. This is also the first question the vets ask in this area as well. Annoying as it is!!!!

              Tammy in Utah
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                While the chosen words might have been a little blunt I believe the message was correct. (I don't have a problem with blunt myself ). LOL You are NOT welcome back ! If this client will leave because of what the vet told her after you have had a seven year relationship, YOU DON'T want her as a client. She should have called you immediately. she should trust your opinion, she should have talked to you BEFORE she went to the vet. I once told a customer, "I am sorry but I cannot groom your dog because I just am not comfortable with the responsibility"!!! Anyone that jumps ship because of an ear infection should be let go. This is a person you would never want to deal with if anything should happen while their pet is in your care!


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                  You believed her?

                  I just don't think most vets would blame somebody.
                  Mine would never ever do that.
                  Totaly unpro. and if you think she is lying about you, why not him too?
                  You just can't belive what some people say.
                  She is probably just ticked she has a vet bill and hoped you would be a sucker and offer to pay it, rather than loose her as a client.
                  I have worked places that would.
                  Who knows, might have worked before.
                  I would be tempted to call them and ask.(sweetly)
                  He might be interested to know what she is telling people.

                  I would never pay, but I also would not burn any bridges worth that kind of dough.


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                    Originally posted by Jadenlea View Post
                    You said "Dont come crying to me when another groomer screws up your dog"????????

                    Er.... I don't think that was the best plan.. and not very professional. I think you should have just told her that you are sure nothing happened at your shop, you are really sorry she feels that way but should she need you again you are there. Also that you would be calling her vet to find out what the confusion was and why he would think such a thing. If he did
                    Well I was a little harsh ,but ,this was a 20 minute conversation the woman was a PITA customer but I enjoyed grooming her dogs (why is it the PITA customers always have the nicest dogs??) I just couldn't take her blaming me anymore and I lost it a little. BTW the only other groomer in a 15 mile radius will screw up her dogs haircuts, he's strictly a shave down groomer and her dogs had continential cuts! As for the vet I did call him and give him a peice of my mind and he basically said he had to give her a "reason" why her dogs were being treated , I asked him if he tought the infection and foot injury were more than a month old, he said "oh no these are recent" I informed him I groomed the dogs BEFORE Xmas, he assumed they were in for grooming in the past week b/c they looked so good...HA!! So I lost the PITA but, got 2 referrals from the vet hosp by days end!!!!!


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                      Hind sight is always 20/20 when you think about what you should have said vs wanted to say. You actually said what I would have wanted to say as well and it sounds like the client almost goaded you. i think most clients would have not told you why they weren't returning and I am not sure what is best under these circumstances. I sure would like to get the name of the vet though and call it and discuss it with him/her.


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                        Ok, so are you sad you lost the PITA or the $200 every 5 weeks?

                        Why is she a pain? You've groomed her dogs for 7 years and now you've severed ties? Is it worth it? Honestly?

                        Tammy in Utah
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                          first, CALMLY call the vet....i have had this happen a few times...calmly explain to the recepsionist your dilemma.. i can almost garentee the vet will get on the phone or call you back(they don't want liable siuts)..clients get "confused" about what the vet says...the few times this has happened, i always call the vet..every single time the customer was "confused". in which case you let the customer go... you don't this. i had a customer that was one of my biggest fans for 4 years call me and say that a week after the dog was in my shop, it had 2 fleas, yes 2, i see her in the dog park daily and said maybe the 2 fleas came from the park...she told me the vet told her it must be the groomer..i called him and we both had a good laugh!! please call the vet..good luck!!


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                            True story: I have a client with two little dogs who come every six weeks. At the last appt., client comes in all worked up because one of the dogs has mange and the vet said he got it at the grooming shop!!!!! I call the vet who tells me that the dog has a dermatitus(I can't recall exactly what), it is not contagious, it DID NOT happen at the groom shop, and they briefly discussed and DISMISSED the possibility of mange...... I tell the client what the vet told me and she looked sincerely confused, then admitted she must have "misunderstood" at the vet visit. I think she heard "mange" and nothing else got through - I believe that sometimes a well meaning vet can over educate an anxious client and they selectively hear only the words they mange!!!!


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                              I disagree. Dogs can get ear infections from being groomed. Had a new scottie come in..Had a head tilt. Customer said she had been doing that for a year. Well to me it looked like loads of ear powder in her ear. Advised her to take dog to vet, stating not sure what is in her ear but should get it checked out.
                              Well I was right, dog had so much ear powder , vet had to put her under to flush it out. Dog is now permenantly deaf in that ear. and no more head tilt!