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  • Coton De Tulear?

    Hey all

    New to the grooming business here... and the kennel manager where I work said I have a Coton De Tulear to groom on friday! I have never heard of this breed and its not in my book! I did a search on the internet so I have a vague idea of what it's suppoed to look like. If any of you pros out there have any tips or suggestions for this breed it would be much appreciated! Thanks!

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    We do one and by the owners and "standards" of the breed we only do the pads and trim the feet we also do the ears/nails and the owner request the sanitary. We leave the hair very natual looking no heavy condtioner, a light one will do, looks like a mini sheepdog when done. If your client does not want it left natural, see what they are looking for,the coat is a drop similar to shihs and llhasas ours has a slight wave to it. You'll be fine just... listen to you client. Let us know how it goes


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      I have 4 cotons that come here.Only one of them can be left natural the other 3 have hair like a Bichon.Really curly, they come every 6 weeks and get 3/4 snapon comb all over,they look cute. Make sure you ask the owner then go from there.


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        hey.... How fun for you to get a new breed that you havnt done before. Cottons by breed standards are left long. They are sposed to look long and scruffy looking. There really is no clipping or scissoring except between the pads and sanitary cut. Having said that...not many clients keep ANY breeds in their breed cuts. The couple of these Ive done have wanted longer puppy cuts. Same length all over. Here is a page that shows what they look like.
        Coton De Tulear dog breed information, pictures, care, temperament, health, puppies, breed history


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          The breed standard calls for little or no trimming (natural coat). We do one that gets a 4 all over and a #1 comb on top of the head , just came in today and he has kinda of terrier look to his face so he gets a short terrier face. He's a real wingnut. We have another one who gets a three on the body and he's legs are left fuller and scissored (kinda like a lamb trim) and his head gets left fuller. It looks real nice when done too bad we didn't take pictures.


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            Coton? Cute, nice temperment

            White silky coat..small cocapoo looking. Maltese looking also. Sweet dogs..great w/ children. Treat like any nice dog and follow what owner wants. Hi maintenance type if long hair. matts easily.Drop coat sometimes wavy.Thick coat...non shed.You will probably like this dog.Can you find one on internet? They don't want to be AKC. rare. Breeder in Tucson don't know name. Have Tucson and Sunny rarely..He does them poorly himself now.Expect tangles.


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              I do a couple and they all get groomed like a Bichon although this is not correct. They are part of the Bichon Family (Coton, Frise and Bolognese, My Gracy is a Bolognese in a puppy Bichon Frise cut). If you go to the AKC website, go under FSS (Foundation Stock) and they list the appropriate grooming according to the breed club.


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                Coton De Tulear groups do not want to be AKC...can't find breed or standard there. Try Tucson, Az breeders she must be there.


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                  I own a Coton

                  I own one- he is the dog in my avatar but he was a puppy then and not grown out. He is 2 now and grown out. They are to be left natural- no trimming at all on feet-tail -ears- body. Do the pads, nails, ear hair out and belly area and trim around the anal area. Watch for matting!! Up until the age of two they are subject to matts!!!! Then the adult hair grows in and the matting is less!! Use a gentle shampoo. Their hair is to feel like cotton. Not really silky but soft. They are thick coated. Brush from the undercoat out and really look for those tiny matts. I have another one I groom that belongs to a client and they keep her short, I had to shave her last time she was in due to matts. It was like shearing a sheep. It broke my heart! Ask what the owners want. They are sweet dogs and very pretty if kept up. If you can take a picture I would love to see the dog. I will try and get a picture of Jovi on here- I can't get him to sit still.
         is a very informative site.
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                    They're adorable dogs. Can't add much to what's already been said other than get as detailed instructions as you can if the owner wants a trim.

                    All of the Coton's I've done were kept clipped short. And their coats weren't all that great to begin with, so clipping worked out really well.


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                        I've groomed one. It was like a whirlwind on my table, kind of a spaz, drove me nuts. Cute dog though.

                        I think you'll just want to do what the owners ask but BE SURE TO CHECK FOR MATS BEFORE THE OWNERS LEAVE, OR YOU'LL BE SORRY.

                        I use the HV on the lower setting to blow the coat so that the owners can see to the skin. IF there are any mats, that's when you tell them their options.

                        They mat easily.

                        Tammy in Utah
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                          If you want to see cotons....

                          This woman lives just down the road from me. She breeds them. I have to pass her house whenever I go somewhere and these little dogs are everywhere. Soooo cute. Check out her site, many pics.



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                            I have a coton to groom tomorrow as well. Leo is always trimmed with a 0 snap comb. Unlike other cotons I have groomed, his coat matts real bad unless we keep him trimmed. I usually use conditioner on him because of the matting problem. Customer just changed his grooms from 6 wks. to 4 wks.


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                              Originally posted by mustluvdogs1 View Post
                              Coton De Tulear groups do not want to be AKC...can't find breed or standard there. Try Tucson, Az breeders she must be there.

                              Actually, they are trying to be accepted into the AKC, here is where you will find the info. I am not sure where you got your info.