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  • My Biggest Paycheck

    This past week I received my biggest paycheck of my grooming career. I wont say how much, as some of you make less, and some of you make me look like a peasant, lol.

    I thought it would slow down after Christmas, I mean, doesn't that make sense? But the customers keep coming. Maybe I need to turn mean or something so I can get a break. Just teasin', no complaining here, but I'm pooped out by the end of the week. IT's just great!

    Tammy in Utah
    Groomers Helper Affiliate

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    Oh that's just teasing! I know though... no numbers allowed lol. Good for you, I think you're clients would prefer to keep you busy so don't turn on them!!


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      Congrats on becoming money bags $$$$$$$$$ lol
      "There is no psychiatrist in the world like a puppy licking your face."


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        That is so neat! You must be doing something right! Congratulations!


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            My biggest was actually right after thanksgiving, but thats because I came in on a Sunday and did 17 baths, then came in on Monday and did another 10+! I also had several grooms and more departure baths through the rest of the week. I was disappointed, though, when I saw about $200 worth went to taxes! What a let down. haha

            I'm actually making more now than I did in VA where we charged more, but it was very unpredictable as to when I'd get dogs since I was last in line to get booked.

            Lately I've gotten a lot of matted messes, so most dogs are $10-$15 more than they normally would be, so that adds up as well.


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              So, since it's probably more than you had expected, are you gonna do something wild and crazy?


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                If you need any help spending your newfound money I sure can help you spend it! Haha, Good for you though!! Congrats!


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                  Congrats. That is awesome. I am not suprised though, because the pictures you have share are fabulous. Keep up the good work your awesome!


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                    Go Tammy go

                    Coincidently last week I made the most since I started my housecall grooming. The stars were in the right place, and we are expanding our universe.
                    Money will buy you a pretty good dog but it won't buy the wag of it's tail.


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                      Well done, Tammy, now it is time to sing the famous ABBA song : money, money, money, must be shinny.......
                      this is what I sing for myself when I feel money in my pocket


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                        Good goin', Spikey!! You are getting rewarded for all your caring and good that you do for the pets and people who come to you. Isn't it a great feeling!!
                        Old groomers never die, they just go at a slower clip.

                        Groom on!!!


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                          I'm so busy too!

                          Tammy, we can only blame -- GLOBAL WARMING! Oh and the sweet treatment we give our customers keeps sending them back! So they say!


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                            Thanks all. Nope, not going to go crazy spending "all" that money, or going to Vegas (which is just a few hours drive).

                            I've kinda learned that when ya get a raise, if you also buy more stuff, it's like you never had a raise. So the same goes with this big paycheck. Gonna smack that money right into the bank and let it earn me a few pennies interest, lol.

                            I live within my means, but I live well, lol.

                            It is rewarding to have worked so hard and come so far from zero customers to 6-8 a day.

                            Tammy in Utah
                            Groomers Helper Affiliate


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                              Me too!!!

                              Well, not my biggest paycheck, but I've been giving myself a regular weekly paycheck which I didn't do last year. Plus I figured out I made just under 3 X as much when comparing last January to this January!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! If the rest of the year keeps up with this I'll be really making $$$$! YEAH! I'm so excited.
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