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  • Hey Chuck

    I did the newfies the other day and you suggested Best Shots Ultra Wash. Do I need to buy all three products to help eliminate the future matts?

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    The three BestShot products are a system and work wonderfully together for getting rid of the dead hair and helping with the matts. I had a collie with really matted legs and I sprayed the matts with the mist (step 3) and could not believe how easily those matts came out with a slicker brush - same with the matts behind the ears. And the coats feel so wonderful when you're done that you won't be able to stop touching them - at least I can't.


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      Do you have to use all three?


      It is a system. But you are the judge what will work for the particular dog.
      Once you start using it you can variate whether or not to use all three.

      My groomers do not variate. If a dog comes in matted it gets the system no questions asked. Remember I charge for the shampoos and charge for the dematt so it does not cost me anything to use them all.

      I cut both by a third. In other words 2/3 water and 1/3 Ultra Wash or Ultra Plenish. I then wet the dog.

      1. I use Ultra Wash Shampoo and let it sit for five minutes. If the dog is super matted and super dirty I do a second Ultra Wash. Let it sit another five minutes.

      2. I then use Ultra Plenish Cream Rinse Conditioner. Let it sit five minutes.

      3. I then use the Ultra Vitalizing Mist. The key here is "Lightly". I do not cut the spray. Towel dry the dog first and then a light spray and let it sit five minutes before HV. Not only will you see the matts disolve (cum out ) in the bath but watch them disintergrate with the HV blow dryer.

      I am not saying that you will not have to brush, comb and dematt but maybe 75% less then without it. This is definately your solution for the chronicly matted.

      They make a kit with all three ( 12oz of Ultra Wash, 12oz of ultra Plenish and 16 oz of Vitalizing srpay) that you can buy to try. I also sell these kits to my customers for $19.95 for between grooming shampoos they do. This helps greatly because the dogs do not come back as matted on their return visit and the customer loves that their dematting fees are reduced let alone the wear and tear on their dogs.

      I buy the 5 Gallon containers and transfer to gallon containers. But there is nothing like it. Why break your back when you can get it done in the tub? With us it is by the bathers.

      Good Luck and remember ask for Mike (the owner) or Dave (the lacky), just kidding Dave and tell them Chuck sent you. Who knows maybe they will give you a special deal?

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        and they smell wonderful, too! I love Best Shot and do use the three products together most of the time, but I think you could stick with the shampoo and conditioner and still get good results.


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          I'm Mobile. Will Best Shot work in the tub pump? What would the diluation ratio be?