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I guess I handled this wrong

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  • I guess I handled this wrong

    A new person comes in with 2 mini poodles that has a lest 6 months of growth. You can't tell head from tail. One is grouling at me. She says I want a lamb cut..I say a lamb is short on the body and longer on the legs. And they look matted so I thinkl that they will have to be short. She says raising her voice to me I WANT A LAMB ALL OVER!! I DO NOT WANT THEM SHAVED! I say in a normal voice, they look matted they will have to be short. She stormed out the door. Did I say the wrong thing ? I don't know how I could have handled this different? I don't know. What do you guy think?

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    I think you handled it fine; the owner got mad at you because you weren't telling her what she wanted to hear. Her poodle was too matted for you to do what she wanted, you explained this to her and she got mad. It's not your fault her dog is matted. It's hers. The next groomer down the line will probably tell her the same thing. You don't need a customer who has tantrums and yells at you anyhow. Don't feel bad about this situation.


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      Sounds like a PITA customer to me. I wouldn't want her as a client. Let her go somewhere else, the same thing will probably happen.


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        matted pet clients

        You did fine. The only thing I would have done differently (and mind you even that would have depended on how my day had been going ahead of time), you could have brought out a comb and brush and actually showed the client just how tightly the matting was and explained to them that blades can only go under matting-not through the mats. Then explain just how painful extensive dematting would be and that you are not in business to harm animals and as it would be harmful to demat that extensively, you would not be able to groom her pets in the manner in which she is requesting. Then mention that you would be happy to help out their pet by shaving the coat down and allowing it to grow back healthy and if brought in regularly, you would be happy to offer her a lamb clip on them. :-)

        IF you can manage to remain calm (again would depend on your day. LOL) You may still lose the client at the moment, but I have seen many times where the client later comes back after thinking about what they put their pet through and becomes a regular client with the groomer that was more concerned about their pets well being than in making money off a client. Granted, there are also many that never come back, but you really don't want them for a client anyway. Do you?


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          Ditto Catahoula ! You handled it better than I would have. I am SOO Sick of matted dogs !!! (its been one of those weeks)


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            Success with whacko customers.


            They say sucess in life is the ability to get what you want without pissing anybody off. When a new customer comes in your first job before you groom the dog is to close a sale. Get them to hire you and leave the dog/dogs for a grooming.

            So, Listen to your customer this is what she wants. She said, "I want a lamb cut and I do not want them shaved down.

            You said, I do not hear you but listen to me, twice. That is definately not what she wanted. You must first acknowledge her and what she wants. This is why she came to you in the first place. You do not have to educate her of the line but you do need to make them customers.

            Try this next time, I can definately put them in a Lamb cut and would never shave them down unless you requested it. I am sure you will be very satisfied with their grooming. I include 15-20 minutes worth of brushing, combing and dematting in the groom.

            However, if I need to do a little more dematting because they are a little matted I do charge for my time and after 20 minutes put them on a clock timer. My standard shop charge is (ours is $60/Hr.) so if I need to go an additional 15-? minutes it will be an extra (ours is $15/15minutes).

            Is that ok? Remember you are asking a question and you are in control. She will either say yes at which time the sale is closed pick up the pets tell her to call at such and such a time say thank you and retreat.

            Or she will say 'What are you Crazy" (NO) If she cointinues to rant and rage. Allow her the time to get through it and then say calmly, "In order to get them to the proper lenght and give you the grooming you want there will probably be an extra charge for dematting". I hope to get alot of the matts out in the bath and blowdry but if dematting is needed then you want us to do this so they do not have to be shaved down. Correct?

            If she is still being diffucult, give yourself one last chance to make the sale and a repeat customer. Say calmly, "I would hope you realize that de-matting is not pleasant for your pets so I know you want the most experienced groomer to do this so they do not get hurt.

            We do not tear the hair out but take the proper amount of time so the dematting is not as unpleasant as it could be for your pets we just want to be fairly compensated for our time.

            Again ask the question, "Would you like us to groom your pet the way you want them?

            Your are not arguing with her just explaining your position. Alot of people try to deal through intimidation. It is up to you not to let them. Hold your ground. Kill them with kindness and you will win (make the sale) most of the time. You can always say don't let the door hit you on the ass on the way out, that's easy making the sale takes some genuine effort. You are in business to make sales and the customer believes they are always right. It just takes a little more tact with the whacko's.

            I try to turn them around. My favorite is, I can get them groomed in Florida for $25.00 (I am in NJ) I say there are flights leaving every 1/2 hour can I call you a cab? Most laugh and pay my price.

            Good luck,